Hello Again // Introduction

Hi! I am Patti.


In case this is the first time you have found this site, let me share a little about myself and what is my life right now.

I am a scrapbooker, memory keeper, photographer, DIYer & dabble in many crafts. I blog about my adventures with these hobbies, as well as my travels & experiences as a way to keep memories recorded for later use as layouts.

I wear legwarmers & headbands & Aztec prints. I love chunky sweaters and cardigans and clothes with animals on them.

I am a yogi and have had a dedicated practice for the past 3 years that keeps me grounded, healthy and strong.

I really love vegetables, but you will most likely see things like pizza & beer on my Instagram feed: my favorite favorites.

I go to a lot of concerts, plays, & Broadway musicals, then scrapbook  those memories.

I don’t have one system or technique for anything, I like changing & adapting & doing what feels best. I am a no rules scrapbooker.

Some years I have 2 fully filled 12×12 albums +, and other years I have 30 layouts. I do digital photo books of vacations to accomodate tons of photos. I like scrapping memorabilia into mini albums or travelers notebooks.

I share a life with my significant other: B. He is seriously the nicest person on earth. (not like me ;))

I am childless by choice. My nephew is my muse. My best friends have the most beautiful babies & let me practice photography with them. My Dad is always helping me with projects around my house & saving me tons of money. My Mom is my partner in crime & usually is there when I am spending tons of money.

I love sports. That’s mostly why I have cable, otherwise I would cancel and just read books.

I started blogging so I would not forget things!

I focus on gratitude daily and am a constant work-in-progress.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find something helpful here!


2 thoughts on “Hello Again // Introduction

  1. Nice to meet you Patti – you sound like a fun an interesting woman. Would love to find someone like you to scrap with. No scrappy buddies local for me so I have to those with similar interests online.

    I will be starting my blog up this weekend. Post has been written, but due to snow and Holiday Home de-decorating I can not get to my little easel that I use to take photos of my layouts. It is dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home so I need to wait until weekend to go get it out of the RV where I stored much of my household items during Holiday Home.

    I just started following your blog recently and I am enjoying it very much.


    1. Hi Maribeth! Finding time to take photos is difficult. I usually do it quick in the morning before I leave for work because that’s when the light is good. I look forward to checking out your blog!


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