About Me


Hello and welcome!  Hopefully you stumbled upon my site because you share the love of memory keeping or other creative pursuits.

I generally always find myself in the middle of some sort of self-teaching moment, whether it be a scrapbooking technique or utilizing photo editing software.   I definitely have had my share of fails, from purchasing too many stickers to not deleting bad photos frequently enough.  I hope to help others by sharing my experience.

I often think about why I scrapbook and why it matters?  Will anyone care to look at my stories in the future?  Will they just throw my scrapbooks away?  I have been discouraged by these thoughts at times, but my natural state is to live in the present moment.  And for me, storytelling with photos is just part of my process.  It’s how I celebrate moments, reflect on lessons, display my relationships, and share how I am feeling.  My process has evolved over the years and it continues to change.  I like to keep in mind that I am a work-in-progress in all aspects of my life.  There is always room for growth and improvement.

Like many others, I have a monkey mind.  I bounce around and like to try different things.  My mind races with a million creative ideas or simply what am I going to cook for dinner?  It may be ambitious, but I hope this space will also serve as an organizational tool for me to be more focused.  And as a way to record stories and happenings as my memory gets worse!

I am a recovering Type A personality.  I have let go and learned to embrace imperfection.  Sometimes I am even intentional about imperfection.  (still recovering!)

Thank you for sharing in my adventures and hope you find something inspiring.


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