Simple Shortbread Cookies


I love to bake, but don’t do much baking in the summer months. As the cool nights have rolled in, I was craving a little something warm to dunk in coffee. Anymore I find I reach for my simplest recipes.

I love the Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies and have been searching for a homemade version for a while. Most of the recipes I found called for corn syrup and it’s just not an ingredient I want to use! I figured opting for a shortbread style would work.

I love Fancy Flours for unique baking items and have been intrigued by their cookie stamps for a while. I ended up picking up a cheap cookie stamp at HomeGoods to try out to see if I would like the process.



I merged a few recipes together, but mostly was inspired by this one at

[ultimate-recipe id=”1146″ template=”default”]



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