Week in the Life / Preparation

Ali Edward’s has a great post about this project today with lots of helpful information for getting started and staying on track. Like last year, I will be using the daily sheets to fill in details about my days. I find it easiest to print the 8.5×11 version with two pages per sheet, so the data for one day is on a whole sheet of paper. I fold the page in half and carry it around with me in my purse to take notes.

Print layout:

WITL daily sheet print set up - from Ali Edwards
WITL daily sheet print set up – from Ali Edwards

I rent lenses from BorrowLenses.com and wanted to take advantage of a recent promotion. I decided to try out the mirroless FujiX100S with the fixed 23mm f/2 lens. It just so happens this coincides with WITL week, so I am hoping to carry this camera around with me to get a different perspective than just iPhone shots. Although, I am totally ok with just using my iPhone if that’s what works easiest.


I have found when doing any of these projects or challenges, making it work to my style and what I actually have time for is best. I’m hoping to share some of last year’s layouts on the blog soon and some more thoughts on this project.

Be sure to check out Ali Edward’s blog for more information and sign-up for the free classroom!


in Summmmmer

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Yes! Summer is officially here. We were pleasantly surprised by a sunny Father’s day, after the forecast was calling for rain all day. It was great to get outside and enjoy the patio. The garden is bursting and the first few zucchini and yellow squash have been picked.

Looking forward to a music festival, more concerts, picnics and lots of fresh garden veggies!




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Six LO

I take a lot of photographs.  Mostly with my Iphone, but also with my DSLR.  For my nephew’s birthday he had about 20 little friends and their parents, along with about 20 relatives come out for his bowling party.  This results is a lot of snapshots, many that were blurry or unfocused, which happens trying to follow a bunch of kindergartners.

I prefer to scrapbook the more untold, everyday stories, but I try to record holidays and life events along the way too. For 2014 and 2015, I’ve focused on cutting down on the amount of photos I scrap and just picking a select few to tell the story, sometimes even just one.  Part of this is time.  I just don’t have a ton of time to scrapbook (which I try to look at positively since I am busy creating memories). And another part is the reality of where will it all go? How many books can I actually store? It’s a practical choice for all types of artists that produce some sort of product from the messy thoughts that inspire us.

For this layout I chose a 9×12 photo (a favorite size from Mpix) I was able to snap while the kids were busy with cake.  There’s so much I love about this photo: the colors, the leading lines, the shapes & patterns.  I considered adding the 4×4 square photo directly onto the large photo, but there wasn’t any space in that shot that I wanted to cover up.  So I put it below, choosing to fill some of the blank space of the photo with an embellishment cluster.  I love this technique and try to use it where I can.

Six LO Zoom, scrapbook. layout, six, color, embellishment, cluster, arrow, puffy sticker, birthday, party
Six LO Zoom


I will probably include one divided page protector of a few other shots of my nephew with his friends, parents and cousins.  And then call it good and done.