December 2016 // Field Notes

04. Circles // somewhat obvious but I love my boxwood wreath from Trader Joe's. Can't beat it's $10 price tag either. #decemberreflections2016 #traderjoes

‘Tis the season. I have to admit, I am not a huge Christmas lover, but I am actually feeling good about it this year. I think I’ve gotten better at cutting out the stress and just enjoying it. I feel ahead of the game as far as gift buying goes and once I finish decorating (hopefully this weekend) the house will feel more content.

I’ve skipped doing any sort of December Daily or scrapbooking project this year, but am participating in the photo challenge with Susannah Conway for #DecemberReflections2016. I like the bit of getting outside of what I normally photograph and being creative.

There are a few decorations I want to work on making, but I am just doing it as I go and I don’t really care if I actually finish by Christmas or not. Going to just use the time sitting by the fire & watching my fav classic movies to do a little crafting.

I know which cookies I am baking and will probably start next week. I start with shortbread and sugar cookies because those freeze well. I am excited to use my new oven. The old one was not keeping temperature and Home Depot had the right deal around Black Friday. Hoping I can get my baking times figured out without too many fails.

Listening: Joni Mitchell, Polar Express soundtrack, Pentatonix

Reading: Pretty Paper by Willie Nelson (I like to read a seasonal story – so far so good, I recommend it if you like music!)

Eating: Chocolate Chip Dunkers from Trader Joe’s

Watching: Elf, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, White Christmas & the Flyers!

Thankful: for B, who keeps me sane & on target all times of the year, but especially this one where I sometimes lose my mind.


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