August 2016 // Field Notes

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Things I want to remember…

Watching // PLL & Netflix series: caught up with Happy Valley & Broadchurch, started Shameless.

Practicing // focusing on my connection to the ground during yoga practice. Been practicing this for a few months now and starting to recognize a difference. Returning to practicing some inversions & arm balances again.

Enjoying // Downtime. Lazy days. Less scrolling & slowly losing interest in all things social media.

Inspired // Was thrilled to see the documentary Finding Vivian Maier available on Netflix. Now I just want to grab my camera & shoot.

Reading // The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Creating // Various mediums of making. Getting back into stamping & cards. Ok with where I am at with various projects. I want to tackle a Silhouette vinyl project.

Eating // Instant Pot meals, lots of garden tomatoes & cucumbers

Pondering // My word for this year and what it has meant, & about possible words for next year (they start springing up about now).

Listening // summer tunes, Sara Bareilles, ’90s on 9

Drinking // water & coffee, an occasional beer

Loving // Summer heat & trying to savor it. Walking & talking with B. Fun pool days spent with my nephew.

Planning // Vacation! I can’t wait. And some fall house projects: redoing the laundry room, a small makeover in the studio, and new shutters.

Feeling // Accomplished. In tune.



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