Happy Friday! // Week in the Life process continues…


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So this has been me every night this week. Watching hockey playoffs while going through my WITL photos and stories list. Editing photos in PicTapGo, adding journaling and brushes in LetterGlow, and grouping photos for printing in Pic Stitch. I used Photoshop Elements for some of the bigger photos, but my laptop is   so   sl oooo  w. Really need an upgrade! But I’ve put a lot of time in the planning phase, so once I get to printing (hopefully over this holiday weekend) it should be easy to put together. For more on how I use apps, check out this post here.

So far I’ve stuck to writing up the facts in a summary for each day, and put some more in-depth details or feelings onto the actual photos. There is more feeling and emotions I want to add in to some of the photos/stories. Hoping I can capture it the way I imagine. It is much harder to get that across after the fact. I feel like some of my journaling for the day is so matter-of-fact & somewhat boring. Trying to remember to really get my voice into it versus just typing an essay. Having the daily blog posts to refer to helps with that.

I ordered more Canon photo paper because I realized I was low. So I am hoping it doesn’t jam me up if I get into a flow with that! My embellishing is going to be super simple on this (I mean I think it is always?!) so I’m not as concerned about the time that will take.

Here’s hoping a I have mostly completed album by next week.

How is your WITL album coming along? Do you have trouble getting the journaling in your head to paper?


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