Week in the Life 2016 // In Review

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What didn’t really work for me this time with WITL:

  • writing things down in the moment
  • using the daily sheets
  • using my set up in my bullet journal
  • recording more external happenings, what was going on in the outside world versus just for me internally
  • didn’t take as many screenshots in the moment (may go back & do that)

What did work for me:

  • being mindful and paying attention
  • typing notes into the Day One app
  • writing on scratch pieces of paper (not sure why this works better for me than a formatted paper system)
  • taking photos of things as a way to just remember it versus it being a photo I will use in the album
  • having moments remind me of other stories I want to share
  • using the 5 senses to identify moments and photos

Now, as I tend to change and evolve how I do things, some of this may be true in the future or change again. I try to keep this process as organic as possible and not fret about the why or how.

While driving into work my head was swirling with how I want to set it up so that it doesn't take too long to finish.

Album plans…

While driving into work Monday morning my head was swirling with how I want to set up this album so that it doesn’t take too long to finish. I took a minute to sketch out some ideas for the album. I call it my “blue prints” because I always sketch ideas onto blue paper. It looks like utter nonsense, but I promise it makes sense to me!

I’m trying to stick to a format for each day, although I may add in more photos here or there if I have them. I’m trying to not add every single photo and focus on a few important parts of each day’s story.

For each day I will include a full page (6×8) which may be a large photo + a full page (or more) of journaling about the day. This will most likely be a hybrid layout.

I am going to incorporate the senses by digitally adding text to the photos directly. I may also write a little something more on that if there’s more to say about it.

I want to include memorabilia (receipts, tickets, lists, tags) where I can and may use the 3×8 cards for that.

I haven’t completely decided if I am doing more of this digitally in Photoshop Elements, or mobile on the LetterGlow app, or just using my manual typewriter on the journal cards. I’m guessing it will be a combination of all of the above.

For now I will just stare at my stash of embellishments and edit photos when I have time. Planning to compile this album next week.

Are you working on your album?

What are your plans?

Do you change your ideas when you get down to it versus what you thought you may do?



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