2016 Week in the Life // Planning

Week in the Life is a memory keeping concept developed by Ali Edwards, check out her blog about it here.

This will be my 4th time participating in WITL. I was able to complete the documentation for 2014 & 2015 and included the more detailed layouts into my regular album; I scrap chronologically. I’ve done a mix of digital, hybrid and traditional styles for WITL.

For 2016, I will be using the Ali Edward’s WITL 2015 kit. I am so thankful to have won from Annette Haring, a memory keeper with some great resources for documenting & lovely style.

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WITL 2015 Kit

Because I am using the kit I plan to set it up and am aiming for a more streamlined system so that I do not end up working on this project for 4 months like last time! I am hoping by recording notes in my bullet journal, documenting my days on the blog here & keeping it streamlined to a few main points, I will be able to have a completed album within a week or two after.

Right now I am going back through my notes of past WITL and thinking about things I want to be sure not to miss. Some of those items I detailed in this post here. I also always love the look and feeling of repetition. I am hoping to have time to create some templates to use.

Generally I’ve always utilized the worksheets available from Ali to record things as I go. I started to set up a different weekly format in my bullet journal to accommodate WITL recording. I will share that soon.

More than recording the routine and taking photos, I want to emphasize a bit on what I am thinking and what I am feeling. Trying to figure out the best way to tackle those ideas within this documenting process.

I usually would participate Monday thru Sunday, but I think I am going to start recording Saturday and go from there thru to the next weekend. I may include both or I may drop the back one off.

As you can see, many more questions at this point, but the key is to just document. Document, document, document. I am going to be as mindful as I can in what is going on within me and around me.

Some things I want to be aware of and/or include:

  • daily gratitude
  • weather – how it makes me feel
  • moon cycles
  • world events – election, women’s issues,
  • sports – nhl playoffs, baseball
  • nutrition – what I am eating, how I am feeling, what has changed, what changes do I want to make?
  • exercise – update on my yoga journey
  • mother’s day – including notes on my mother, other mothers, not being a mother, women’s roles in general (I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently)
  • house – what’s going on inside of it, what’s going on outside of it
  • yard – because of the season I would like to highlight more points of my yard, front & back, and focus on a few areas
  • text chains
  • shopping – habits, what am I buying & being mindful of shopping

I want to somehow get these things into a format – maybe I will separate out some of the more in depth topics to focus on one day during the week versus each day.

So much going on between interNational Scrapbooking day, Mother’s Day and spring time activities it should be an eventful week to document!


Just an FYI – one of my favorite printers – Social Print Studio – is having a 15% off sale when you use their app for purchases thru Sunday. I just ordered 44 square prints last night to catch up the rest of my 2016 album documentation. They have awesome quality and I highly recommend – you can read more about my experiences with printers here.


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