May 1 // Through my window

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It’s been cloudy and cool in the northeast. Not like the May I would prefer. After taking some time away from blogging and social media, I have quite a bit of content backed up to share. Hoping to get to more writing and posting this month.

This look out of my kitchen window with my eclectic talismans on the sill. I don’t know how this collection started. From left to right: a painted metal shaker can with my sage bundle, a white ceramic shaker, a mini pestle and mortar I just picked up at Homegoods, a sprig of lavender trying to propagate in a mason jar shot glass, cilantro & lemon thyme clippings, mini Disney Tsum Tsums (Ariel, Minnie & Thumper), mini terrarium that needs a fresh plant, and plastic dinosaur from a Photojojo order. A few of these items are temporary visitors and need to be moved to their more permanent homes. I am definitely a “little things” person. Little things make me happy.

April Love Letters

I enjoyed participating in Susannah Conway‘s journaling exercise throughout April. I didn’t complete each prompt, and chose to respond to the ones that sparked something for me. I left space for each prompt in the Webster’s Pages journal and will revisit it from time to time. I’ve learned through many years of the creative process that learning to let go is sometimes what I need most. For me, staying inspired means staying in the moment with what is feeling good and what is working now.

#100daysproject / #100daysofcardplanning

So far this project is going ok. I do not participate every day, but I do think about it and try to make little improvements toward keeping a regular card making habit. I have so much supplies from when I made cards more and it’s been fun getting reacquainted. The list of techniques and tools I want to use again is long. I like that it’s given me an opportunity to revisit some of these items again and hoping the creativity stays fueled going forward.


I am happy with where I am at with my 2016 album. I’m contemplating how to move forward with different page protectors. I want to fuse more but am trying to figure out the best combination for what I have. I find I get more done when I order photos and have them ready & waiting for me to scrap, but sometimes I miss an opportunity for a different way to tell the story if I would just print it at home instead. Trying to anticipate these feelings and find a balance.

I need to make some time to fill in some pages and stories from my 2015 (& probably even 2014) album.

Week in the Life

WITL is back next week with Ali Edwards. I am excited to participate because I have a kit to use this time around (last year’s style – won from Annette Haring!) and am hoping that keeps it a little more streamlined for me. I will be photographing and writing more & trying to share it here. I will have a link to a flip-thru video of last year’s WITL up later this week. I guess I should prep and plan this out a bit too.

I have plans and desires to document and create, in the midst of outdoor yard work, garden planning, picnic planning and travel planning. Sometimes it feels like a lot, but I am fortunate beyond measure to live a fulfilling life, especially one dotted with adventures in creativity. Practicing gratitude daily & repeating mantras keeps it all in perspective.

What projects are you in the midst of? Do you stick with something even if it’s feeling daunting or do you move onto the next thing? What are your tips?


3 thoughts on “May 1 // Through my window

  1. Really enjoy reading about the things that make up your day. Very inspiring. I love to write, scrapbook, work in the yard, quilt, and take photographs. I’m so tired of the scheduled winter, so instead of planning and scheduling my creative time for the spring and summer, I made a list of what I’d like to do and plan to pick one off the list each day. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your days. Love it!


    1. Awesome! I love hearing how other people tackle their creative outlets. I’m a recovering type A, so I walk the line between not really wanting a schedule, yet having to keep some sort of list for a sense of accomplishment. It is hard to schedule creativity! good luck with your process.


  2. Sounds like you have a lot of fun ways to fill your May.

    I’m just trying to get into the scraproom. For some reason, it’s been a tough month for that. Hopefully today!


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