#The100DayProject // #100DaysofCardPlanning

Have you heard of the 100 day project? If not, it was a social media movement started by Elle Luna, check out more about it here at: The Great Discontent.

I feel like the last thing I need is a new project/challenge. I’m already a little behind on the #AprilLove2016 letters. But I have had this nagging thought about cards.

I used to make cards regularly, then sort of got away from it when I wanted to focus more on scrapping. Now I feel like my scrapping has been fairly productive and on track. I’m such a simple scrapper anymore, so I have a lot of fun papers and embellishments that just don’t get much love. Making more cards would be a good way to use up some of that stash and get more use out of my stamps & other tools.

So for me it’s #100DaysofCardPlanning! Making a complete card every day sounded too intimidating, so some days may just be sketches or pinning ideas. But I’ve taken a few steps and have 1 completed card in just 3 days! With a few other elements ready and plans for more cards.

I’m hoping this project will help fill up my card stash so I don’t feel rushed in making them and maybe have a little more of a creative outlet!

I don’t plan on posting everyday because that would seem annoying, but I will try to post regularly.

Are you participating in the 100 days project? What are you doing?


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