Currently // March 29, 2016

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Currently // 3/29/2016

CREATING // my mini Leap day album for #aedayinthelife and prepping a notebook for Susannah Conway’s Love Letters {excited to have a writing exercise}
ENJOYING // Less – less scrolling, less shopping, less tv, less planning
LISTENING // Beach Boys on Pandora, Vintage Trouble LPs, Y2K Country on XM, Rachel Platten, & showtunes
WATCHING // Flyers games, Better Call Saul, House of Cards – also 2 documentaries: A Girl in the River (very hard to watch), and Everything is Copy (glad I saw this suggestion on Brandy’s Instagram feed) love Nora
BUYING // inks and more inks {needed to refresh my stash a bit}
PRACTICING // handlettering and lots of doodling happening lately
EATING // leftovers from Easter – especially the carrot cake {need this Eat Cake for Breakfast mug}
WEARING // cuddleduds
READING // Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith {need a trip to the library to fulfill my booklist}
PLANNING // watercolor ideas, getting more creative with my bullet journal #bujo
FEELING // still not 100% back to healthy, but getting there. Feeling very grateful for the love in my life, the opportunities I have to travel and my freedom.
THINKING // About my friends in Belgium and wishing them peace.
TRAVELING // upcoming trips: Chicago, NYC, Paris & Monaco!

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