Brain Dump // March 2016


Go your own way. Follow your arrow wherever it points. No really. Do it. Do not try to meet some external standard or what you think you should do. Just start.

^^these are the thoughts streaming thru my brain lately.

Doing what feels good sometimes means not getting to blogging or scrapbooking or sharing. Right now I am in the midst of lots of work and travel. I’m still photographing and documenting (that is innate for me), just not always sharing it.

I’m sort of reflecting on this process of sharing, whether it be blogging or instagramming and the time it sort of takes away from just doing. I would rather be just doing. Also I think the negativity on the interwebs sometimes gets tiring. I don’t personally get involved with it, but seeing it happen is sort of disheartening.

Maybe this is a result of a serious sinus infection that knocked me off my feet for a week. I haven’t been sick like that in 3 years. Needless to say it sucked and delayed a lot of things.

Sometimes I need to brain dump. This happens in the form of writing, listing and doodling.

Here are some things going on for me right now:

  • Signed up for the free month trial at Big Picture Classes and enjoying Brandy Kincaid‘s Doodle classes. I’ve been a doodler since the beginning of time and am enjoying incorporating more of this organic art form into my memory keeping process.
  • I edited my photos from Leap Day and just need to print them and assemble the mini album.
  • Really embracing the bullet journal and the process of just doing what works for me. Like the week I was sick I didn’t have a to-do list that week and just skipped to the next. It’s nice to be able to get the maximum use out of a blank journal versus having to see the missed pages in a date planner. Love it.
  • Eagerly awaiting the arrival of some new goodies: Stabilo pens (I was in the market & they popped up on Zulily), new pouches – I needed a larger pouch and Society 6 just started making canvas ones.
  • I have a stack of fresh prints from Mpix waiting for me on my studio desk from their last sale. Love how easy it is to order straight from my phone thru the app. Love the quality of prints and paper. Love the mix of square prints and 4×6. Also relieved I’ve streamlined what I am printing and keeping it to the important stories I want to record.
  • Still need to get a little more organized with my ancestry. Met with my Mom’s cousin who provided me some great photos and stories to record. Love that this project is moving forward, even if it is gradual.
  • Feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to take an inversion workshop with one of my favorite badass yogis, Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora). I learned so much and she reignited my desire to work on some asanas I had backed away from. As any yogi knows, it’s always a process between pushing and knowing when to let go. Love that my practice is always something I can come back to and keeps me grounded.
  • Every year I choose something to study and this year it is the Chakras. I am reading Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith to aid in this process and looking forward to tapping into where I need more clarity.
  • Still loving my We’Moon guide and learning more about the moon phases and how it relates to life here on earth.
  • Working on areas of organization in the studio that need focus. Still need to purge more, sounds like a good Spring project!

So that’s sort of a lot going on in many different directions. Spring is always a great time to sort of start anew and emerge from the nesting of the winter months. I am looking forward to yard work and gardening and getting outside more!

{i tried to link as much as possible in the above thoughts, but if you have any questions of where or what, please feel free to ask!}


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