Minc tutorial // Foiling printed words

I have been hesitant in recent years to purchase machines because I tend to not use them that much. Initially I didn’t think I needed a Minc (Heidi Swapp), after all I don’t use that much shiny, glitzy stuff in my scrapbooks. But when I saw some of the different things Jennifer McGuire (at Jennifer McGuire Ink) was doing then came across a black Friday sale on the Minc Mini, I couldn’t resist.

After playing with it just a few times, the ideas came rolling in with all the possibilities. I have to jot down notes when I think of trying different things with it so I don’t forget!

I was inspired by what I saw Kerri Bradford doing with her little words here.

A quick tutorial:


You need a laser printer to do this. The toner ink is what the foil will “stick” to not inkjet. If you don’t have access to a laser printer, you can have it done at a copy/print store (Staples). So instead of just having the words foiled, I wanted to get more foil on there, so I created a text block filled with black. Then using white font I added various words, phrases and song lyrics. I wanted to create a big block at once that I could cut into sections to foil and use at different times. I tried to think of some of the layouts I want to make or what projects I have going on when picking the words/phrases.


I used adhesive backed paper, basically a 8.5×11 label.


I cut a portion to foil the words I wanted for my 2016 word layout. I am thinking about making up a few versions of this and printing up multiples. This way I have them on hand and use them when I need to or just foil in a few different colors and have the words ready to go. I think they would be good for planners or traveler’s notebooks too, to have a few little flashy labels.


I used the 3 setting, which I have basically used for everything so far and it has worked. Sometimes it picks up little flecks of ink, I try not to worry about that. I’m sure more practicing will help figure out the ins and outs of this machine.


I will probably get the most use out of gold foil, then perhaps silver. I was excited to see a black foil at the CHA sneak peeks from Heidi Swapp. I’ve been dreaming about that black, as I am a neutral color scrapper. The red & green were great for the holidays, but I probably won’t use the other colors as much, maybe the mint & teal. I would like to make up a series of minc’d cards for various occasions.

Have you tried the Minc? What do you think of it? Feel free to share any cool tips or links.




3 thoughts on “Minc tutorial // Foiling printed words

  1. Great post! I love foil and I could very easily see me using this, however I hesitate to invest in another machine as I have so much already. Your idea of the foiled words is great and to make up a bunch of words that one uses frequently makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing this great idea and giving such good tips on how you use this product.


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