Choosing a word for the year

I’ve been working on various posts regarding choosing a word for the year and decided to split it up into a series of posts. Somewhat for my own reference and also if you are new to the concept it may be confusing at first. First and foremost, check out Ali Edward’s blog on choosing a word. Her and Elise Cripe also did a great podcast on Elise’s station Elise Gets Crafty on having a guiding word for the year. All valuable insights. 

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2014 Word / Home

I’ve been choosing words for a few years now.

2011 – hope – worked

2012 – commit – really worked

2013 – jump – less significant

2014 – home – favorite word ever

2015 – intention – a little harder to hold onto, but still significant in retrospect.

About choosing a word: Some words become more significant than others. Sometimes it has literal and interpretive meanings. For instance, in 2014 my word home meant a physical home as well as the deeper meaning of feeling of home in my heart. Sometimes its more about a current running underneath the surface. Other times it is more about an end goal. The beautiful part is that it can be any word that speaks to you, chooses you or feels right to you.

scrapbook, scrapbooking, layout
2012 Word / Commit

A few things I’ve learned through my own experience choosing a word:

  • There isn’t only one word. There may be. But it’s okay to have a few words.
  • My words of past sometimes become words of my life, so-to-speak, and I carry them with me forward.
  • It’s okay to let go of a word. It’s okay to let go of anything and everything.(The art of letting go is something I have worked on the past couple years and it truly has made a world of difference in my life.)
  • Sometimes keeping the word in mind does take some work. I’ve had to force myself to pay attention to my word. But eventually it gets more habitual.
  • Keep it reasonable. Realistic. Attainable. Every year isn’t about conquering fears and fulfilling your most far flung dreams. Most of the time my word has to do with just being present and mindful of my daily living. I’m not trying to really achieve anything. It’s awesome if your word does that for you, but it’s not necessary to put pressure on yourself.
scrapbook, scrapbooking, layout, one little word, choosing a word, olw
2011 Word / Hope

Have you chosen a word for 2016? If you’ve done so in the past, what has been your experience with your word? Can you relate to what I’ve learned from choosing a word?





3 thoughts on “Choosing a word for the year

  1. I’ve also been choosing a word since 2011 (another thing we have in common 😉 While each word has held something different. Last year was most impactful. I loved the metaphorical feeling of light and was really able to live it out in so many ways. I love your word hope. It actually goes very well with my word, love. Here’s to hope and love in 2016! ❤


    1. Ooops I just realized that Hope is not your word for 2016. I do love hope and I love your thoughtfulness in exploring your word for 2016. Here’s to boundaries. ❤


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