2016: the struggles are real

WRMK albums, scrapbook, scrapbooking, studio, craft room, organization
WRMK albums

2016 hasn’t started off as smooth as I would have liked, but I am starting to find my stride and getting back to being organized and focused.

Studio - thepapergoddess.com, craft room, scrapbooking, scrapbook
Studio – thepapergoddess.com

Studio Organization  //  I still need to get back in the studio to get organized after a crop I attended on January 2nd. I have piles that need to be sorted and put away. I want to purge some things. I have to refresh the lazy susan & other places where I keep relevant embellishments and stamp sets I want to use. I am considering a major change as far as getting rid of the cabinet that currently holds my paper, some stamps, some tools and other items, to free up more floor space and install some wall shelving. That may be a project for later this year.

Photo Management  //  I need to take some time to back up my photos onto the EHD. I rely on iCloud and other server based backups, but I like to have that physical one as well. My laptop is old & slow, so I avoid it. In the meantime I also use Dropbox to backup important photos or documents from my phone.

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Planner  //  I really considered getting in on the planner craze. I love notebooks and especially the Midori traveler’s notebooks. I looked into various planners and holders. I really like the FoxyFix fauxdori, but am holding off for now. My plan was to have a calendar/to do notebook, a journaling/ideas notebook, and a scrapbook/memory keeping notebook. I may try to just manage this way with the notebooks I have and see if it takes hold. I like all of these practices, but my commitment to it comes & goes in spurts. I am going to continue using what I have before I make a new purchase.

I love an idea I read about from Leo at Zen Habits here: Rules for Getting Organized & Decluttered. It’s the idea of a 30-day list for things I want to buy. Simply put it on the list when I think of it (with the date) then wait 30 days. See if I still really want it or if maybe another solution has presented itself or it just was fleeting. I started right away by creating a note in Evernote for this.

WRMK albums, scrapbook, scrapbooking, memory keeping, albums,
WRMK albums

2016 Album  //  I have used the WRMK 3-ring 12×12 Cinnamon albums since 2009. At the rumors of them changing designs, I purchased what I could find and currently have 2 spares. In that process, I also purchased some gray 8.5×11 albums. I am considering trying this style for 2016. I like the 8.5×11 size & already have some 2016 layouts designed with this in mind. Sometimes changing it up ignites the creativity a bit!

Layouts  //  I try to scrap in the moment while also catching up older layouts. I generally just pick whatever I am feeling at the moment to keep it fresh. The layouts and projects on my list now:

  • Weekend in Baltimore – page protectors with square pockets, lots of memorabilia
  • December Documented – still have photos to print and memorabilia to fit into the page protectors
  • Summer 2015 – Traveler’s Notebook album – finish up the Big Barrel trip layouts, add in Michigan trip & fill in a few other days
  • 2016 – title page, including b&w photos & song lyrics

It’s a starting point and I am reminded to just start already!

How is your 2016 scrapbooking plan coming along?



4 thoughts on “2016: the struggles are real

  1. My 2016 is starting off slow as well. I have a “scraft” retreat coming up at the end of the month and I hope that I accomplish a lot there. I totally decorate my house of the holidays, taking most everything “normal” out of my house and replacing it with Christmas decorations, so January is typically slow going for me on the project front. But slowly but surely I am getting my “scraft” room put back together, and packing up for the retreat. I had hoped to launch my blog January 1, but the ShotBox that I asked for and received for Christmas has been a huge disappointment as it was said to take a perfectly square photo of a 12×12 layout with a cell phone, and it does not. I struggle to take a perfectly square photo of my layouts and had hoped this was my answer. Hopefully I will get over my disappointment soon and get on with starting the blog, with I suppose mediocre photos.


    1. Are you using any photo apps to edit with? Depending on the phone, you may be able to crop to a square within the editing options. Taking good photos can be challenging and admittedly I use my cell phone more often than not. I try to reserve it for when I can get good natural light, then I always edit the photos, lightening, cropping & straightening. Hope you get it worked out soon. Retreat sounds nice!


  2. love the idea of a 30 day waitlist. My scrapbook plan. Hmmm I actually have made a couple layouts already this year. Need to share. I have a general plan but nothing specific yet. Seems I’m always crawling out from under some big event. It takes me a long time to transition from anything. lol


    1. Yea, I am just about to 30 days on a few items and I don’t want them now! I mean I’ve found other ways to do what I thought I wanted those items for. Discipline is hard for me. Can’t wait to see your layouts!


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