January 2016 // Field Notes

Finding myself in a quiet space. Soaking up inspiration. Gathering thoughts. Slowly forming ideas & plans for the upcoming year. Reading as much as possible. Resetting a bit.

Sometimes I like to see what I’ve been pinning lately to sort of assess what’s going on & where I am at. A lot of wall weavings, embroidery hoops & chakras. Mushroom soup. Planners & pens.

modcloth, dress, luck be a lady, goldenrod, gold, marigold, yellow, dress
Luck be a Lady dress in Goldenrod from Modcloth

Marigold/Goldenrod  //   Whatever the name, it has always been one of my favorite colors & so happy to see it around. I received this dress from Modcloth for Christmas, but have to wait until it warms up a bit to wear it. Loved seeing this color while watching the Golden Globes and on the first lady! Modcloth has a few other styles in similar color as well.

a beautiful mess, weaving,
Tutorial by Rachel Denbow on A Beautiful Mess site

Wall weavings  //   I have seen them everywhere & it’s making me want to try it out. For some reason in the winter I tend to go towards things like crocheting and fabric projects. I have a vision for some DIY projects I want to make for my house. It includes a weaving. I figured out I can probably use my Martha Stewart knitting loom. Now just to scavenge some yarn. I am not sure exactly what type of design, something asymmetrical and soft, with neutral colors (whites+gray+black). Going to start with this guide from A Beautiful Mess by Rachel Denbow. Check out more of Rachel’s DIY ideas on her blog http://smileandwave.typepad.com/.

sewing, diy, blanket, upcycle
From the Renegade Seamstress, Beth Huntington

Wool blanket wrap  //   I recently pinned this project idea to my Pinterest board Sew What. Beth Huntington aka the Renegade Seamstress has the most innovative up-cycling of thrift finds. Check out her blog here. I am amazed. I am not that good of a seamstress, but I think this is simple enough to follow the directions. I thought it would be good for spending time in ice hockey rinks. Now just to find a blanket with the right team colors!

books, booklist, wishlist
Booklist – thepapergoddess.com

Books  //   My current book wishlist is all over the place. From Voltaire to Cheryl Strayed to Sophie Kinsella. Most of these authors I have read before, some are new to me. Right now I am almost finished with Nicholas Spark’s latest See Me, & really enjoying it. Next up is Judy Blume’s In the Unlikely Event. Looking forward to that one too.


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