2015 in Review: the Highlights

Scrolling back through my photos this morning I was surprised at how much happened in 2015. This is why documenting and memory keeping is important to me. Otherwise it’s easy to forget all the joy, all the memories, all the loved ones. It’s not always all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s a part of the real story, the bigger story of life. Being able to see the sunshine and rainbows is what makes it all worth doing. Again. And again.

2015 had its share of heartaches, losing 2 uncles & an aunt. On the contrary, there were some new additions for my friends & cousins. I was reminded how the beginning and ending of life brings people together.

Here’s my top 15 highlights of 2015:

thepapergoddess.com, the papergoddess, 2015, highlights

  1. Taking Mom to LV with me. She got to do her Elvis thing & we saw some awesome shows!
  2. B & I’s camping adventure to Big Barrel. We may have questioned our sanity a few times, but overall it was about the music (& beer & mud!)
  3. A fruitful garden.
  4. Building a backyard oasis complete with new patio & pergola. Doing it ourselves (with help from Dad) for even more satisfaction!
  5. Discovering the beauty of Michigan, having laughs with family & surviving a tornado.
  6. My nephew declaring “the best day ever” after winning lots of boardwalk prizes. So happy I was able to score him the big one thanks to my on-point water gun game skills.thepapergoddess.com, the papergoddess, 2015, highlights
  7. My nephew improves in reading by leaps & bounds. He is doing so well in the first grade, so proud of him. He’s a curious little boy, so fun to talk to.
  8. Vintage Trouble concert. We saw a lot of acts this year, probably somewhere in the 30s, but Vintage Trouble was hands down the most talented & entertaining. As a bonus we got to meet them & they signed my vinyl after the show. I was stoked.
  9. I continued a dedicated yoga practice. It keeps me grounded & keeps me going.
  10. We visited some new vintage markets this year and added estate sales to our outings. Love the journey of finding something unique.
  11. My nephew throwing down on the monkey bars. There & back. Ain’t no thing.
  12. Fireplace insert installation. Best decision of 2015.thepapergoddess.com, the papergoddess, 2015, highlights
  13. I’m not a material girl, but my Christmas present certainly blings up the room. More than it’s shine, it represents a best friend and true love, which I am so fortunate to have both in the same package.
  14. After 16 years spent with my first car, it was time for a replacement. I pushed it off as long as I could because my old car was such a part of me, but no longer having crank windows is something to be thankful for. Now hopefully I will get some driving in before the snowstorms start.
  15. Last but certainly not least for 2015, my adventures with this guy. From concerts to trips, to markets & city outings, to visiting friends & family & hosting them in our home, to grocery shopping at Wegmans (my fav), to checking out dive bars and new restaurants, to beach days, to binge watching Netflix & staying fireside all day, to cooking together, to grilling & chilling on the patio. When I scroll through and see how we have spent 2015, phew, it makes me tired! But wow, how much fun and how many memories. I’ve stopped scrapbooking every little thing because I don’t have time, but I see now I would not have the space for it either! Thank you for your love & support & friendship & ability to make me laugh like no one else. I am excited for more adventures with you (& like seriously big ones!) in 2016!

thepapergoddess.com, the papergoddess, 2015, highlights

Some close runner-ups:

A new obsession with decorating marquee letters. 

Stepping up my homemade pizza game. Hoping for some mastery in 2016.

Some fun additions to my letterpress card collection. From my usual market sellers + from visiting stationary stores in New York City, Michigan, & Las Vegas.

Bring on 2016!



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