Making Memories vs. Making Anything (!)

Totally resistant to this but trying it anyway. #konmari #organization #getoutofmycomfortzone

I have been stuck in the making process lately. Usually it’s a matter of having/finding the time, but I have to admit I have had the time and just not the drive to do it! Most scrappers can relate to that vicious cycle of inspiration and mojo. I think one small part of this may be feeling like my studio is too cluttered right now to be productive. I have slowly been purging lots of (even great) stuff over the past year, but I still have a ways to go where I feel like my space is clear & clean. Clear & clean in a way that allows my mind to feel the same and make some room to grow creatively!

In an effort to see where I can improve, I started Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. So far I like her no excuses approach, but I haven’t completely adopted really going all the way with her techniques. I think there are little bits that are important to keep in mind as I go about cleaning up and clearing out. One thing I really want to do is take written stock of what I am trying to achieve? I will probably use the questions offered in the beginning of the book as a jumping base for this, but I am interested in her journal as well.

I feel like I do use her concepts in general, but applying it to the nitty-gritty details and actually following through sometimes is harder than it seems. I feel like by reflecting on that and journaling it out a bit, I may be able to peel back some of the layers to the heart of the issues and hopefully be able to work to improve on that.

Regardless, the studio and my relationship with this hobby needs some sort of uplifting to find the creative fulfillment that I seek on a regular basis.

A few things I plan on doing:

I sometimes get obsessed with finishing an on-going project (WITL layouts, or my summer traveler’s notebook) and won’t move onto new projects until they are finished. However I remember a few months back, I just started scrapping what I felt like doing at that moment, which seemed to jumpstart my creativity and kept me going for a bit. So again, just start.

I am considering digital photo books to record the years in-general events going forward. I’ve reduced the amount of event-based layouts I make a ton already, but I still get that guilty feeling sometimes over not recording certain things. I am thinking I could keep up with digital layouts a little more regularly and just get a photo book printed at the end of the year. This would free up time to focus more on the stories I want to really tell.

I feel like this strategy will always be a work-in-progress, and I have to remember to not get hung up on these challenges, but continue living the moment and making the memories, even if they never get recorded. It’s the experiences that matter most to me and the people I share that with. Which is why I got into memory keeping to begin with!


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