It’s no secret that I love Sundays. The wicked rainstorm altered the weekend plans, and even threatened Sunday, but luckily we were able to get out. It was extremely cool for this time of year, so I bundled up appropriately.


After the necessary stop for donuts & coffee, we visited my favorite, Clover Market, a market of makers & re-sellers. I am always so impressed with the artists they find, and the talents are endless. Furniture makers and photographers. It’s a very inspiring place!


The wind and chill made the normally leisurely stroll a little more hurried. I still managed to find some great items.


I picked up a few cards from Meera Lee Patel, a talented watercolor artist. Her designs are so full of life and layers. Very beautiful. Check out her site, she has some books and fun musings: meeralee.com


That pizza one is spot on for me!

I always love seeing what homemade soaps people come up with. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet smell when I picked up the pumpkin bar from Sweet Sally’s Soaps. It instantly made me hungry! So naturally I found peppermint mocha next.


I put the pumpkin bar in my bathroom and with an hour the whole room smelled sweet, love it! And the rustic look of the bars are awesome too.

We headed into the city to Reading Terminal Market to grab a bite to eat. And when I say a bite, I am referring to the thousands of bites it took to eat this corned beef sandwich from Hershel’s East Side Deli. The bread is so fresh and I could not finish it!


We grabbed some more bread to take home and some whoopie pies for dessert.



That is a pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pie! So fresh and just the right amount of sweet in these yummies from Flying Monkey Bakery.



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