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Weekly Planner –

Planner systems are all the rage right now. For some, planners are serving as memory keeping logs, somewhat replacing traditional scrapbooking and Project Life methods. While the colorful notebooks, tiny stamps and fun-shape post-its are extremely enticing, I have resisted the Planner craze.

Although my 10-years ago self would have been all over it, as I always used to carry a date planner of some sort, or an extra notebook to jot everything down. Being a reformed Type A personality, and trying to focus more on being present and doing less worrying, I’ve let go of trying to plan everything out.

That said, a reminder list of sorts is still something useful for anyone. While I like the idea of apps and use Evernote to keep track of reminders and ideas, I also still like a written copy to refer to from time to time.

I didn’t want to kill too many trees trying to come up with a system that would work for me. I designed a weekly one-sheet reminder list in Google Drive and that’s what has been working for me. I generally use the same sheet for 2 or even 3 weeks if there is space to write.

Before designing this, I went through various planners I had used in the past and looked at other systems available out there to see what I liked and didn’t like. I liked the idea of boxes to section off different categories of things I want to remember. For a while I tried using just one exhaustive list, but appointments would get lost in the shuffle.

I use the categories as follows:

Tasks – things like bill reminders, mail, phone calls, emails, cards to send, etc.

Projects – this is generally a combination of household projects and scrapbooking/crafty endeavors. I like the idea of being able to keep all of my projects in one place to see. The stars are where I put things that need to be done more timely (sometimes for a class).

Research/Read – generally longer term things I want to get to, like vacation planning, or major purchases that require research.

Shop – no explanation needed – a place to jot gift reminders and stuff I’m looking for in the house.

Meals – a easy way to jot down meal ideas, then add different ingredients that I may need to point out so I remember to pick it up at the grocery store.

Appointments – I usually put about a month in advance of appointments, so I don’t double book anything.

The quote is by David duChemin, an accomplished photographer, be sure to check out his work.

I recently came across the concept of the Bullet Journal which seems like a great system and similar to what I have been doing.

I feel like this one page planner is as organized as I want to be at this time regarding to-do lists. I need to hold myself more accountable in that I am actually using my time to do the tasks versus just spending time listing them out! That’s my story and what I need to work on.

If you are interested in trying this list, please feel free to download the pdf version here:




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