Summer 2015 – I Want to Remember


I want to remember our weekend camping at Big Barrel. The music, the beers, our tent, how proud we were of our homemade breakfasts on the portable stove. The day of rain and how we forged through in our muddy boots.

I want to remember Jackson’s excitement when I gifted him the extra large, inflatable pirate island pool toy. The look my brother gave me when he saw how big it actually was. The pictures I was sent of its maiden voyage into the pool, then getting to play with it at the July 4th picnic.


I want to remember all the work we did in the backyard. How carefully I pick out gray color stones and eucalyptus wood furniture. Sweeping the sand in between the pavers as the patio was settled. Tripping over the boxes in the garage, until we finally found time one weekend to put up the pergola. With Edison bulb twinkle lights.


I want to remember date nights, usually Saturday nights after long days of chores, cleaning up and heading out to one of favorite outdoor dining options. Enjoying fresh meals, good drinks & lots of laughs.


I want to remember days at the beach with the whole family. How Jackson loves to jump the waves and gets more excited the bigger they get. How when we were going to a nice seafood dinner he asked me if his outfit was nice for dinner. He is changing so much, now an energized boy full of questions and jokes.

I want to remember the live music. Amos Lee singing Arms of a Woman and Violin. Eric Church’s passion singing Wrecking Ball. Kenny Chesney singing Don’t Happen Twice, an older song that I love & the rest of the crowd didn’t know well.


I want to remember our few days along Michigan Lake with family. Hiking, canoeing, beaching & exploring. Oh and eating. Surviving a wicked storm and being reminded I am thankful I live somewhere power is restored pretty quickly.


I want to remember the boardwalk. How riding the Himalaya reminded me of being younger. How the Pendulum made me dizzy & I had to take a break. Winning a stuffed minion for Jackson playing the water gun game (because I rock at that), and him being excited about all of his winnings & exclaiming “this is the best day ever!”


I want to remember tomatoes. Or maybe I don’t because there were so many tomatoes. Tomatoes which became sauce, salsa, roasted, juiced and chopped. Tomato & cucumber salads. Caprese salads. Broiled tomatoes. BLTs.

I want to remember the day spent with friends floating on the bay. The endless laughs. The beautiful sunset.

I want to remember walking on the boardwalk on the last night with my arm around Jackson’s shoulders. He gave me a big squeeze around the waist (which are harder to come by these days) as we made our way back to the house. I asked him about starting school again and he said he just wants it to be over. He started first grade. Lol. I told him he had a long way to go.


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