In the Studio / Transitioning


Here is a quick idea I use when working on multiple projects at once.

I love serving trays and often pick them up at yard sales, but I own way more than I need and lets be real, who am I really serving? Lol.

We use them to carry dining supplies & food out onto the patio in the summer and some for decoration.


However, I’ve found great use for them in my studio for switching between projects. I have a storage cabinet that was converted from a computer desk, so it has that narrow space where the slide out keyboard shelf would be. It’s a perfect spot to store two regular sized trays to keep ongoing projects.


I generally keep one for anything watercolor, so I don’t accidentally spill onto any other papers or photos.  Then the other tray I keep empty and when I want to quickly clear off my table to start something new, I just pile the current project onto the tray and stow it away.

This way all of the embellishments I was working with are still there and I can easily resume the project at a later time without much pause.

It’s a simple, economical solution to keep things flowing.

And now you see my messy workspace in action!


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