He / She WITL Layout Page

scrapbook, WITL, layout

The idea for this page came screaming into my mind and I had to quickly find a piece of paper to sketch out the layout and details.

I was thinking about our weekend routines, and how we go about doing our individual tasks around the house. It made me think back to Week in the Life and I thought that would be a perfect place to incorporate this page idea. I came up with this narrative of He/She, as in “he mows the lawn”, “she does laundry”. These are photos from WITL Saturday and I will add this full page layout in with my WITL spread chronologically.

I knew I wanted this sort of divided page (again? something I’ve been repeating) with large photos, large alphas, then strips of paper for a list. So I started with this in mind and went from there.


The end page changed as I went along, deciding to use black & white letters, and incorporating a central focus in the middle of the page.


I only have 8.5×11 photo paper, so even printing at 11 inches, I knew there would be some space on the page. I didn’t want to focus too much on pattern paper or adding embellishments. I stamped Saturday in different shades of gray and a light blue ink on the top and bottom edge.

scrapbook. layout, WITL
He/She zoom

I used a word processing software on my PC to type out the tasks, using the font Traveling Typewriter – which is my go-to typewriter font.  I considered typing it all out on my actual typewriter, but I figured printing on the vellum would come out better on the printer. I attached the strips to the edge of the paper using the Tim Holtz tiny attacher, then trimmed the edges.


I initially wanted the title He/She in line at the top of the photos, but had more room to include the She at the bottom of the right photo. I was going to add some different embellishments along the bottom, but after changing the position of the She I decided to add a centralized element. The idea of “in harmony” kept playing through my mind as I developed this page, so I wanted to include that somehow. I looked through my stickers and word phrases to try to find something that would work, but ended up just typing onto a journal card with my typewriter. It’s a busy page with the text strips, so I didn’t want to over-embellish, but adding the wooden arrows seemed to fit. Giving the perspective of going in different directions, yet connected at the same time.


I added some skinny washi tape (by Little B) to the top and bottom edge. Loving keeping layouts white, clean and simple. Plus it actually tells several stories in a streamlined way.



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