Say it in Lights


marquee letters, heidi swapp, pattern paper, lights, letter, diy, home decor, color magic, color shine

I mentioned last week during WITL that I purchased some mini marquee letters on clearance at Target (they are regular price online). I picked one up to decorate for my nephew, a little back-to-school present. I started with the filler paper, but have to finish adding some embellishments.

I wanted to decorate the “P&B” to coordinate with my craft studio, which is primarily gray & white, with pops of yellow, but went with another color combo I like. My entire house is generally gray and white, with pops of citrus colors & aqua. I was searching through my pattern paper, then saw a pack of Heidi Swapp’s color magic paper. I decided to try this out with the color shine sprays to have a graduated color scheme.

I chose this paper with a hexagon print and 3 color shines: coral, mint and gold (my favorite).


I tried to blend the colors into each other a bit for some variation.

heidi swapp color magic paper with color shine

Using a pencil, I traced the letters onto the sheet of paper then cut them out using an exacto knife and scissors. To get the circles cut out where the lights are inserted, I use a technique of cutting a cross centered in the circle, then follow the outline of the circle. It helps to keep control of the cut and get a nice, neat circle.

marquee letter, P, diy, decorate, heidi swapp, pattern paper, lights, glitter tape, color magic, color shine,

After getting the paper into the letter which took a few trimming adjustments, I added some glitter tape to help the lights shine more. I added American Crafts gold glitter tape to the outside edge and a teal glitter tape from Freckled Fawn around the interior holes of the letter. Some areas needed a glue dot to keep it secure. I haven’t decided on more embellishment yet, but may add something to the outside.  It would be cute to add photos somehow, like maybe photobooth-type strips.


It was pretty easy to put together, although stringing the lights in requires small fingers.

marquee letters, P, B, &, pattern paper, heidi swapp, color magic, color shine, lights, letter, diy, decor, home

It was a fun, quick diy decor project and makes a great night light!

marquee letters, heidi swapp, lights, letter, pattern paper, color magic, color shine, diy, home decor


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