Week in the Life / Planning

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As much as I keep my scrapbook process organic, I’ve realized when trying to participate in something like Week in the Life, a little planning goes a long way.

I am thinking of using a divided page protector to accommodate photos for each day. I’m not sure if this will have enough room for more detailed journaling, so I may be using 8.5×11 inserts. I pulled out this pack of 12×12 WRMK page protectors that have space for 4×6 photos and square photos. Since I use Instagram a lot, the square slot will come in handy.


I was thinking of keeping a simple black & white color scheme like last year, but since it’s summer, I think I will add some color into this week. I like white with a few bold colors like orange and teal. I pulled some alpha stickers, photo layer stickers & day/date stamps to inspire some thoughts on presentation. However, I am focusing on photos + words first and foremost, and will figure the project out later.


I want to try to add more digital brushes and text to my photos right away too. After following this awesome tutorial from Cathy Zielske on How to use digital brushes on the iPhone without Photoshop, I set up the LetterGlow app and added png images I own already (mostly from Ali Edward’s and Cathy Zielske) to Dropbox.


Other apps I am using this week:

  • Evernote – my daily list app
  • Day One – journaling app – good for longer length writing
  • PicTapGo – my go to photo editing app

Some ideas I’m keeping in mind as I go:

Gratitude – I generally work to keep a grateful attitude as I go about my days, but I want to be sure to record the things I am thankful for more intentionally as I go.

Hashtags – Whether it’s a popular social media hashtag or an inside joke in texts, it’s a fun way to tell a story.

Viewpoints – I may ask other people in my life for their opinion or view of what is happening this week.

Screenshots – Of texts, music apps, social media pages, lists, etc. So much of my life is organized on my phone and I want to remember to capture this.

News/Headlines – WITL is about my life, but it’s also just about the world I am this week. I like to record things like weather, major news headlines or other publicized stories.

By taking a few minutes to think about what I want to capture during the week & searching for inspiration for the recorded project, committing to the process of WITL is not as intimidating. At the end of the day (or week), I will just work with what I have and make it what it is, no worries.

Are you participating in WITL? What are some of your preparations, if any?

Enjoy the process!



Week in the Life / Reflection

Week in the Life is a concept developed by Ali Edward’s for memory keeping. It involves recording the everyday moments for a week through photos and journaling. Bascially taking a snapshot of your life.

I officially completed this project last year for the first time. I tried it in the past, but it never evolved into an album.

I shy away from buying kits, one: because I have enough of a stash to use anyways, and two: I feel like it hurts me more creatively. I like the digital kits Ali designed and last year I used some of her other digital elements I already had to develop a similar layout. I thought it would be easier if I had the end project sort of laid out and I think it did keep me motivated to finish. I actually finished putting together the digital layouts quickly, but waited for a sale to print them. Instead of having a separate album, I just included my days chronologically in my regular album.

scrapbook, digital layout, ali edwards, witl, scrapbooking
WITL – Page 1

I designed a basic 8.5×11 digi layout with a few different photo layouts to accommodate different days. The one main page for each day contained one large photo (I tried to make it a self-portrait most of the time) and a small photo included under the type of what number day it was in the week. I included the actual day of the week and date also. I adjusted the dates of my week to be a Saturday through a Friday, mainly because Friday was Halloween and I wanted that to be the last day. Each day had an additional page of photos and I also included a few random photos to record what was going on in my life/world that week.

scrapbook, digital layout, witl, ali edwards, scrapbooking, photos
WITL – Tuesday’s other page

As you can see my layout was super simple, white background. Some of the layouts became hybrid when printed and I added washi tape, handwritten journaling or notes or other embellishments. For the layout above, I had listened to a speech by the Dalai Lama and took notes from that on the back of the daily sheet for that day. I ended up adding a journaling card at the top of the page to include some of the highlights from that speech I wanted to remember.

For the layout below I filled in the blanks with handwriting for the Currently list.

digital layout, scrapbook,
WITL – hybrid layout

Instead of including every single recording from each day, I chose one day where I kept track, almost like Day in the Life style, of events. I then just made one layout with those details and a few pics of the day. I use the Day One app to journal and keep track of happenings.

scrapbook, digital layout, scrapbooking
WITL – facts layout

I wanted to be sure to include some general life photos that didn’t necessarily have to do with specific days. I chose some items from around the house that I deal with weekly, sometimes daily, to showcase. After printing the layout, I added notes along the corners of each photo detailing: how I love my laundry basket, chalk board and coffee pot, and how I dislike plastic containers and its storage spot.

WITL - random layout
WITL – random layout

This project ended up with 16 layouts and about 65 photos included. It was inserted chronologically into my 2014 album. I mostly used my iPhone to take photos except on the weekend when  I used my DSLR.

My takeaways from this practice:

  • I like to focus more on the mundane things – I think they make for a more interesting, well-rounded story.
  • For writing I try to think a little outside of just recording normal events – I like to share opinions & how I feel (the good/the bad/the ugly). Years from now, that will be of more interest to me.
  • I find the hardest part is trying to record as much in real time so I don’t forget the exact quotes and thoughts. Using an app, like Day One or Evernote, helps with this.
  • Don’t worry so much about the end product, that can always be adjusted to accommodate the story.

I am working on a tentative plan for next week regarding recording WITL and will share some of those ideas soon.



Week in the Life / Preparation

Ali Edward’s has a great post about this project today with lots of helpful information for getting started and staying on track. Like last year, I will be using the daily sheets to fill in details about my days. I find it easiest to print the 8.5×11 version with two pages per sheet, so the data for one day is on a whole sheet of paper. I fold the page in half and carry it around with me in my purse to take notes.

Print layout:

WITL daily sheet print set up - from Ali Edwards
WITL daily sheet print set up – from Ali Edwards

I rent lenses from BorrowLenses.com and wanted to take advantage of a recent promotion. I decided to try out the mirroless FujiX100S with the fixed 23mm f/2 lens. It just so happens this coincides with WITL week, so I am hoping to carry this camera around with me to get a different perspective than just iPhone shots. Although, I am totally ok with just using my iPhone if that’s what works easiest.


I have found when doing any of these projects or challenges, making it work to my style and what I actually have time for is best. I’m hoping to share some of last year’s layouts on the blog soon and some more thoughts on this project.

Be sure to check out Ali Edward’s blog for more information and sign-up for the free classroom!