WITL Monday Layout

I’m working my way through documenting Week in the Life. There is an interesting balance to this project, trying to keep it simple, and not get hung up on details, while being sure to comprehensively include happenings & thoughts.

I started by going through all of my photos and quickly picking out obvious ones I want to use. I debated on sticking with 12×12 page protectors, or converting to a smaller album. I decided to stick with the 12×12 divided page protectors (this style) I had originally selected to use. In a notebook I sketched out the layouts with which photos to put where and also jotted down other notes I wanted to remember.

WITL planning
WITL planning

At times putting these layouts together seems overwhelming, but I try to just take it step by step and not get caught up in finishing by a certain time.

I have ideas for title pages, some larger photos and other lists to include in layouts, but decided to just get the basic days put together first, then I can fill in with some extra details. I would rather sort of see the basic week put together and then I think it will reveal where I need to add some more information about the week.

Since all of the photos I wanted to use for Monday were taken with my iPhone, I did all my editing and journaling in it using the following apps: PicTapGo, LetterGlow, A Beautiful Mess, Rhonna Designs, PicStitch & Canon Easy-PhotoPrint.

week in the life, scrapbooking , scrapbook, ali edwards, memory keeping, photography, instagram
WITL Monday 8.17.2015 Page 1

While I love keeping a certain consistency within this project, I chose to not get too hung up on some details. For instance, using the Canon printing app had some disadvantages with having to print with borders. I tend to like full-bleed images, but went with what was working easiest.

I kept consistent with font, using a small caps font called Amatic. Mostly because I found it in the LetterGlow app and A Beautiful Mess app, which I used both for adding journaling to the photos.

For the center journaling card, I didn’t want to cover any of the words on the card, so I cut a line with an exacto knife and slid the screenshot of the weather into it.

week in the life, scrapbook, scrapbooking, journaling, ali edwards, photography, memory keeping
WITL Monday 8.17.2015 Page 2

I added a colorful journaling card to balance out the color in the lower left closet photo. Most of my journaling came from my blog post entries, which I’m so thankful I recorded now. Some of it also came from the Day One app I use for journaling as well. I really like how the journaling on photos came out, even though the center photo font is a bit small. I did not have on hand the letters I wanted to use for Dresses, but I want to keep moving forward and not get hung up on supplies.

It seems like such a simple layout, but adding the journaling to photos and playing around with it takes some time. Then printing and doing a little more trial and error, as you see in the photo above with the bad prints.

I am thankful for the detail in doing week in the life, especially the words. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the layouts together, though I am not rushing it. I have 31 More Things starting tomorrow, another great exercise in writing, and I want to keep up with my other ongoing projects: traveler’s notebook, traditional layouts and ancestry project.

midori, traveler's notebook, mini album, scrapbook, scrapbooking, photography, travel album,
Traveler’s Notebook layout

I was able to get a few more pages done in my traveler’s notebook. I am including any adventures, trips and concerts here from this summer. It’s a great way to record a lot of events fairly quickly with smaller format photos. I like the ability to include memorabilia since a lot of these events include tickets, receipts, etc. I figure due to the slim size, I can then just slip the entire book into a page protector and include it right into my regular album.

How is your Week in the Life project coming along? I am hoping to share more layouts soon, and also some takeaways so I can be prepared for next year.


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