Week in the Life / Friday 8.21.2015


Fridays are just always better than the rest.


Today I did my hair the normal way. Wash, blow dry and flat iron a little bit. I realized I hadn’t blown dry my hair since last Friday. Wow. I don’t really like my profile, but hey there it is.



Today I listened to Kacey Musgrave’s new album “Pageant Material” on the ride into work. My car is 16 years old, so my stereo is a little outdated. I am considering getting a new one installed. We’ll see. I generally channel surf the radio, but am finding I am not into anything on the radio lately. I love Kacey’s style of music, calming melodies, but her lyrics are her thing. Her songs seem to pull the thoughts out of my head and into cute, sarcastic-phrased songs. Her message is generally positive and fun. Some of my favorite lines:

“I’d rather lose for what I am, than win for what I ain’t.” – Pageant Material

“Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.” – Biscuits

“We’ve all got the right to be wrong.” – Cup of Tea


Friday at work. Writing reports, drinking coffee. Decided to listen to some Apple Music. I’m doing the free trial now. Listened to Grace Potter’s new album Midnight. I love GPN, but this new sound on Grace is a little more electronic. I like it, but I still love the old GPN rock sound.


At lunch I ran to Target & Wegmans to pick up some groceries.


I went to Target from some essentials, but ended up with a few non-essentials. Who doesn’t love school supplies? Those binder clips seem like the perfect addition to my traveler’s notebooks and the mini marquee letters were on clearance. I picked up a P&B for my studio at home and thought I would give the J to my nephew for a back-to-school gift.


Ok so Wegmans is my favorite store. I know it sounds kinda weird. I actually detest shopping, but I love food shopping. I love the bin section where I can pick how much I want of nuts and treats. Although I was bummed there were no dark chocolate covered almonds today. I bought a separate pack of those and just got some almond slivers.

I have what I call the “Queen-of-England-Wegmans-Complex”, that when I get in this store I rationalize buying $10 cheeses and such. I don’t know if its the presentation or variety, but I love everything they have. And in actuality, a lot of their prices are reasonable. I am spoiled to have Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, & Whole Foods close by, but Wegmans is my absoluate favorite. So now you know.


I stopped to get my eyebrows waxed after work. When I got home I started getting dinner ready & put on a record. We have a pretty extensive record collection & continue to pick them up during our adventures in markets & used record stores. Billy Joel’s ‘An Innocent Man’ is one of the best albums. As you can see, my music taste is all over the place. I like variety.


Fridays are pizza & beer night. Not always but most of the time. It just makes life easier.

Most of the time we get a pre-made pizza from Wegmans & add our own toppings. Sometimes I buy the pre-made dough to make pizza. Once in a while when I have time I make the dough from scratch. A lot of times we order out or go to the pizza place to grab a slice. This was the first time I tried this whole wheat ready crust from Wegmans. It came out good.


I like to load it up with veggies. Tonight it was spinach, mushrooms, green & red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes from the garden & olives.

For some consistency I’ve been trying to photograph these fresh flowers everyday this week.



I haven’t taken too many evening shots later in the week. A few on the Fuji X100S. Mainly there hasn’t been much going on, I go to bed pretty early!

A few more notes:

I want to include some texts with friends & family from the week. Especially my parents. Normally they would be seen in any given week, but they are getting ready for a vacation. So I will include some of my conversations with them.

I really do like this process, but it does seem like taking photos slows down toward the end of the week. I somewhat get tired of it & somewhat start to feel like I have my plan for stories of the week. I’m totally ok with taking photos later on to fill in a storyline once I start putting together the layouts for the week.



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