Week in the Life / Thursday 8.20.2015

After capturing this week for 3 days so far, I am reminded how I love this exercise. It sort of plays right into my daily intentions to be present and continually look for ways to improve the way I live my life and how it effects those around me.

This exercise seems to remind me I want to be more generous with my time & love to my partner, my family, my friends and those I truly care about. I feel like in looking back on these days, I can see where I have finally reached a successful point of self-care. My attitude remains positive and I take each day as it comes, trying to better myself and leave the world a little softer.  Each day I let go of judgment a little more and embrace acceptance of what is right now. Having gone through some rough days in the past, finding myself in this peace now — i just want to jump for joy like “yay, i’ve done it! I’ve found a way!” It probably sounds weird without knowing all the ins & outs of me & my life, but I promise it makes sense.

Onto Thursday. I like how Ali uses different prompts for each days stories. I am going to try the some days/most days prompt today, and will fill in some details here and there. In the grand scheme I would think most of my days appear the same, but in doing this, I think I will see the differences more than I think.


Most days I use these 2 products. Under eye cream and fortifying cream to reduce redness from broken capillaries. I’ve been using the Philosophy product for about 3 years and definitely noticed a difference in reducing darker areas under my eyes. The La Therapie cream I’ve used since 2004 and swear by it. I can tell if I skip a few days not using it, it’s the only thing that reduced the redness in my face I experienced from teenage breakout scarring. I am continually trying to improve my skin regimen, while keeping it very simple. I use as little chemical product as possible and have been researching more natural products. I’m totally ok with aging skin, I just want it to be healthy in its natural state.


Some days he goes to the gym early before I even wake up. Then he lays on the bed while I’m getting ready. I see a difference when he goes to the gym more regularly, he seems to manage stress better. He is not that crazy about my WITL exercise and taking photos, so I am respectful of his privacy while still capturing our life. But he does humor me and help me get shots here and there. I love him for putting up with my crazy, creative mind. He is the best.


Some days I make a smoothie in the morning before work. This only happens once a week or so. I have found that I like it and am trying to increase this practice as it makes me feel more full throughout the day. I generally drink smoothies on the weekend. I love my Nutri Ninja Pro blender system. I prep veggies and fruits for smoothies and keep them in the freezer. I generally make frozen kale with banana, chia seeds and ice, then whatever else we have on hand. Today it was blueberries. I added water for liquid, sometimes I do almond milk or coconut water. I wanted to, but forgot to add a sliver of lime. Lime just makes the whole thing fresh.

Some days I have to cut a new hole in my belt. I always use the crop-a-dile.


Most days I wear Coach’s Signature scent. When I was younger I would have a bunch of perfumes I switched in between. As part of a more simplified approach I just own this one now.



Some days I wear a top knot instead of doing my hair down. I only wash my hair 3-4 times a week, so it’s usually a dirty hair day and when I am going to yoga class. Or because it’s really humid and there are thunderstorm warnings. I love having it all up on my head out of my face and I don’t really care if it’s not perfect. The messier the better.

Most days I pack a lunch. Today I was unorganized with it, first having put too much yogurt in the cup and not being able to close the lid. Then I ended up forgetting my oatmeal. Sheesh. I ended up with a parfait, grapes, hummus & pita bread to eat during the day. I sort of do the small meals things versus one big lunch.






Some days I carry a lot to work. B obligingly captured this shot walking into work and jokes that I am the cutest pack mule there is. My yoga mat is thicker and weighs 8 lbs, also I bring my change of clothes, then my regular work bag w/ lunch and coffee. Today I had my umbrella & smoothie too. There is a farmers market across from work on Thursdays, some days I purchase produce from there. (At first I thought “oh too many shadows” in this shot, but the more I looked I like how the shadows fall & highlights hit here and there. It may actually be my fav shot of the day.)

Most days there is a man that lives on the street near work named Ron. We always exchange pleasantries and every time I see him in my head I repeat how thankful I am for the ability to work, have a good paying job, own a house over my head & be rich in life experiences. He is my daily reminder to be grateful for all that I have and for that I am thankful to him.


Some days I go to yoga class at lunch, generally twice a week. I started yoga more than two years ago at this studio. I love my teacher, Amy, her background is in the East and I have loved learning the true meaning of yoga. It is much more than poses. I have been able to accomplish things in yoga and through yoga & mediation practice that I never thought I would be able to do. It literally breathes life into me.


This is my before and after changing for class. I was trying to be like Wonder Woman!


Some days I enjoy a coconut water in the afternoon to re-hydrate after class and it’s sort of a treat for me too. I am obsessed with straws and have all different colors & sizes. (After I took this photo, I noticed how horrible the fluorescent light looked in the background, so I converted to a grainy black and white. Trying to keep composition in mind during this exercise, but it’s not always at the forefront of my mind.)


Some days the clouds look slightly ominous rolling in around work. The rain held off until we made it home. We really need the rain, or the grass & plants do.

I captured dinner prep on the Fuji X100S, but didn’t have time to upload yet.

Most days I prepare dinner with B’s help, but he has been the dinner rock star this week. We had tilapia, green beans & a rice dish. I helped season the fish, loaded the dishwasher & cut up some cucumber while he cooked the rice & green beans. Nice healthy & satisfying dinner. I feel like I got back on track eating-wise today. I love that we share household duties, especially making meals together.





One thought on “Week in the Life / Thursday 8.20.2015

  1. Loving the sneak peek into your life. Such a great project. My photos haven’t been as frequent as I wanted but I’ve been journaling so i’m hoping to a mini-book with the words.


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