Week in the Life / Wednesday 8/19/2015


After a long day outside yesterday, it was not easy to transition back to a regular workday on Wednesday.

I really didn’t wanna get outta bed. I managed to get ready and went with curly, messy hair today. During the week my closet definietly gets messier until I can get around to straightening it up on weekends.


B had a doctor check-up early before work, so I waited in the car. I read some of Outlander on my Nook app. It’s a little slow for me. I normally love time travel stories and am enjoying the period of time this story takes place. I just wish there was little more back and forth time travel involved I guess.

Page from the Outlander

I remembered I had to call the cable company back.Last week the internet was dreadfully slow and I was due a credit, which they took care of quickly and an item was checked off the to-do list.

After talking about it yesterday and seeing an offer in Groupon, I booked a hotel room for a night in Philly when we are going to a concert in October. Even though it isn’t too far from home, it gives us some extra time in the city to check out some of our favorite spots.

At work I held back a sneeze or two, then reminded myself I need to bring in a new box of tissues. This is where they should be on my desk:


I am normally warm, but on overcast days the air conditioning seems to be too cool for me. I brought one of my favorite cardigans to throw over my dress today, and glad I did. It has pineapples on it.


I have this thing with symbols. And it’s weird because the pineapple is kind of trendy now, which seems to happen for me. Back in high school I loved palm trees (as depicted by my tattoo), but it was so hard to find in textiles, people would bring me back palm tree memorabilia from exotic vacations. Then all the sudden they were everywhere. On comforters, shower curtains, even bathroom tile. It’s happened all my life. Whatever I’m into goes mainstream. Apparently I should be in a think tank somewhere?!

So anyway, I really love the classic, old-time, somewhat nautical symbols: arrows, anchors, swallows, & pineapples.

When I decorate I really like for it to reflect personal tastes, but I have trouble falling into the themes I see out there. For one I do not like matchy-matchy stuff, so I tend to mix styles. I realized how much I like symbols and am now trying to just incorporate that into my decorating style.

I ate leftover hoagie from yesterday for lunch. So far my diet has been a little off track this week!


I was inspired reading Ali’s words from her blog posts. Love how real she is and how brave she is to share her story. I have been reading her blog since about 2003 I think? It’s amazing to have followed her story for this long.

I scheduled some other doctor appointments, I like to do everything in September, it’s kind of part of routine fall stuff for me.


It was a very quiet day, many co-workers are on vacation. I stuck to mostly mundane tasks, and had a chat with my Supervisor.

At home I unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher while B cooked dinner. He’s an awesome cook, and especially omelette-maker, which we opted for since I forgot to take out fish from the freezer. Some home fries and omelettes with avocado and tomato, just what I needed on an overcast evening. After dinner I went up to the studio for a bit and addressed a card to send to my Aunt for her birthday.


I decided to make some homemade hummus, which I’ve been wanting to make for a week now. I pre-made tahini last week, so I roasted up some peppers from the garden to make a roasted pepper hummus. It came out good and thick.


I also mashed some avocados for guacamole. B went to the food store and didn’t get my txt that I was out of guac mix, so I just added some spices. I prefer to make it homemade, but the mix is easy!


After cleaning up the kitchen, I watched a little bit of the ABC comedies reruns which were on in the background, while enjoying a donut B brought home from the store for me. Did I mention its a hormonal week?! Those shows crack me up, especially the Goldbergs, since it’s setting is close to home. I headed up to bed at 9:45 p.m., washed up, watched a youtube video, then went to sleep.


I’ve been on this quest recently to reduce my eco-footprint, trying to find more ways to recycle/reuse and have less waste. I stopped buying facial cloths for removing makeup and have been using washcloths instead. It’s also part of an effort to use less chemicals and save money.



Some takeaways as I continue documenting WITL:

My photos are just ok. I’m not really taking time to get great photos, but I am ok with that, focusing more on the story I suppose.

I am primarily using my iPhone, but trying to remember to take some landscape shots.

I would like to setup more self-timer shots where I step away from the camera to get in the frame.


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