Week in the Life / Planning

IMG_9562 copy

As much as I keep my scrapbook process organic, I’ve realized when trying to participate in something like Week in the Life, a little planning goes a long way.

I am thinking of using a divided page protector to accommodate photos for each day. I’m not sure if this will have enough room for more detailed journaling, so I may be using 8.5×11 inserts. I pulled out this pack of 12×12 WRMK page protectors that have space for 4×6 photos and square photos. Since I use Instagram a lot, the square slot will come in handy.


I was thinking of keeping a simple black & white color scheme like last year, but since it’s summer, I think I will add some color into this week. I like white with a few bold colors like orange and teal. I pulled some alpha stickers, photo layer stickers & day/date stamps to inspire some thoughts on presentation. However, I am focusing on photos + words first and foremost, and will figure the project out later.


I want to try to add more digital brushes and text to my photos right away too. After following this awesome tutorial from Cathy Zielske on How to use digital brushes on the iPhone without Photoshop, I set up the LetterGlow app and added png images I own already (mostly from Ali Edward’s and Cathy Zielske) to Dropbox.


Other apps I am using this week:

  • Evernote – my daily list app
  • Day One – journaling app – good for longer length writing
  • PicTapGo – my go to photo editing app

Some ideas I’m keeping in mind as I go:

Gratitude – I generally work to keep a grateful attitude as I go about my days, but I want to be sure to record the things I am thankful for more intentionally as I go.

Hashtags – Whether it’s a popular social media hashtag or an inside joke in texts, it’s a fun way to tell a story.

Viewpoints – I may ask other people in my life for their opinion or view of what is happening this week.

Screenshots – Of texts, music apps, social media pages, lists, etc. So much of my life is organized on my phone and I want to remember to capture this.

News/Headlines – WITL is about my life, but it’s also just about the world I am this week. I like to record things like weather, major news headlines or other publicized stories.

By taking a few minutes to think about what I want to capture during the week & searching for inspiration for the recorded project, committing to the process of WITL is not as intimidating. At the end of the day (or week), I will just work with what I have and make it what it is, no worries.

Are you participating in WITL? What are some of your preparations, if any?

Enjoy the process!



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