Week in the Life / Reflection

Week in the Life is a concept developed by Ali Edward’s for memory keeping. It involves recording the everyday moments for a week through photos and journaling. Bascially taking a snapshot of your life.

I officially completed this project last year for the first time. I tried it in the past, but it never evolved into an album.

I shy away from buying kits, one: because I have enough of a stash to use anyways, and two: I feel like it hurts me more creatively. I like the digital kits Ali designed and last year I used some of her other digital elements I already had to develop a similar layout. I thought it would be easier if I had the end project sort of laid out and I think it did keep me motivated to finish. I actually finished putting together the digital layouts quickly, but waited for a sale to print them. Instead of having a separate album, I just included my days chronologically in my regular album.

scrapbook, digital layout, ali edwards, witl, scrapbooking
WITL – Page 1

I designed a basic 8.5×11 digi layout with a few different photo layouts to accommodate different days. The one main page for each day contained one large photo (I tried to make it a self-portrait most of the time) and a small photo included under the type of what number day it was in the week. I included the actual day of the week and date also. I adjusted the dates of my week to be a Saturday through a Friday, mainly because Friday was Halloween and I wanted that to be the last day. Each day had an additional page of photos and I also included a few random photos to record what was going on in my life/world that week.

scrapbook, digital layout, witl, ali edwards, scrapbooking, photos
WITL – Tuesday’s other page

As you can see my layout was super simple, white background. Some of the layouts became hybrid when printed and I added washi tape, handwritten journaling or notes or other embellishments. For the layout above, I had listened to a speech by the Dalai Lama and took notes from that on the back of the daily sheet for that day. I ended up adding a journaling card at the top of the page to include some of the highlights from that speech I wanted to remember.

For the layout below I filled in the blanks with handwriting for the Currently list.

digital layout, scrapbook,
WITL – hybrid layout

Instead of including every single recording from each day, I chose one day where I kept track, almost like Day in the Life style, of events. I then just made one layout with those details and a few pics of the day. I use the Day One app to journal and keep track of happenings.

scrapbook, digital layout, scrapbooking
WITL – facts layout

I wanted to be sure to include some general life photos that didn’t necessarily have to do with specific days. I chose some items from around the house that I deal with weekly, sometimes daily, to showcase. After printing the layout, I added notes along the corners of each photo detailing: how I love my laundry basket, chalk board and coffee pot, and how I dislike plastic containers and its storage spot.

WITL - random layout
WITL – random layout

This project ended up with 16 layouts and about 65 photos included. It was inserted chronologically into my 2014 album. I mostly used my iPhone to take photos except on the weekend when  I used my DSLR.

My takeaways from this practice:

  • I like to focus more on the mundane things – I think they make for a more interesting, well-rounded story.
  • For writing I try to think a little outside of just recording normal events – I like to share opinions & how I feel (the good/the bad/the ugly). Years from now, that will be of more interest to me.
  • I find the hardest part is trying to record as much in real time so I don’t forget the exact quotes and thoughts. Using an app, like Day One or Evernote, helps with this.
  • Don’t worry so much about the end product, that can always be adjusted to accommodate the story.

I am working on a tentative plan for next week regarding recording WITL and will share some of those ideas soon.




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