August / Field Notes


It’s mid-way through August, summer is cruising by. Even though it’s been busy, I actually feel like I’ve done so much and am enjoying savoring each moment.


Adventuring // The month started with a quick trip out to Maple City, Michigan. What a beautiful spot to check out the sights, little fishing towns nestled along Lake Michigan. We did some hiking and kayaking, enjoyed having sunny warm days and cool nights. Spending time with relatives is always good for lots of laughs and stories. We enjoyed some great food & a drink or two. And we survived a monster thunderstorm, some areas recorded a tornado, and rescued a stranded driver whose truck was crushed by trees. It was quite the experience.

Nesting // Back at home I’m ready for a few weeks of enjoying the backyard and getting to the beach.


Building // After two months of sitting in my garage, the pergola is finally up in the backyard! I am happy with how it came out, especially hanging the Edison bulb twinkle lights!


Nourishment // Surviving life on tomato & cucumber sandwiches on toast.


Preparing // Canning salsa and crushed tomatoes, juicing and freezing tomatoes,  roasting tomatoes, cooking fresh pasta sauce, blanching & freezing zucchini & squash, & drying herbs. I admit the garden production became slightly overwhelming and we will adjust a bit next year.

Watching // Barely survived Season 2 of True Detective, was just not as good as its predecessor.  Anticipating (it’s Tuesday) the big A reveal on Pretty Little Liars – total guilty pleasure! Looking forward to no television for the next few weeks until football starts. May consider checking out the Outlander series, also may start a new Netflix series, any suggestions?


Loving // date nights. Being busy around the house we haven’t had many, but the few we have gone on have been so so good. Our favorite spots, lots of good conversation and content with figuring things out together.

Scrapbooking // Steadily getting layouts made, helps that I have been printing photos at home again (not sure why it took me so long to get back to that?). Enjoying the Midori traveler’s notebook and working with a different size layout. Looking forward to Week in the Life and 31 More Things with Ali Edwards. Need some time to focus on writing.

Planning // A big house purge, I definitely get a high from getting rid of stuff. A few more minor projects around the house for fall before settling in. Excited to start on the plans for a big vacation for next year.

On the list // More focus on regular meditation and practicing certain asanas more regularly to stay open. Journaling more regularly. Would still like to wake up earlier to have time for these practices. Reducing my eco footprint on the planet. Read more.


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