Home Layout

scrapbook layout, scrapbooking, full page photo, photography, record, memory keeping, stories, gold, stamping
Home LO

Simple and quick layout to record an important story about my home. Home was actually my one little word in 2014 for multiple reasons, and manifested when I bought my current house. This photo + words was a post on my private Instagram account, so I took it right from there to make the layout. I love full page size photos, especially when there’s some blank space for journaling. If I wanted to take more time I would have set up a text box in Photoshop Elements to include the journaling, but I am all about just getting it done these days.


I decided to try the Canon Matte Photo Paper I purchased at Staples. The quality was more than good enough and the matte made it easy to use any writing medium on it without worrying about smudges.

heart punch, gold, scrapbooking
Home LO Zoom

I wanted to keep the design simple and focus on the story. I was a little hesitant to use the gold Sharpie for journaling, but I like how it came out. Black probably would have been easier to read, but I feel like the gold sort of blends in with the photo. I wanted to add a little more embellishment so I punched the heart out of a gold foil tag (picked up at clearance in HomeGoods) and a piece of transparency, layered the two, popping it off the page with a pop dot.


The stamp set I used for OUR is Robyn by Kelly Purkey. I don’t think it’s available anymore, but she has some other great outline alpha options. The outline letters are so versatile, love ’em. I like the use of repetition in the subtitle (not really a title).

scrapbook layout, scrapbooking, photo, stamping
Home LO Zoom

The journaling:

One year ago today I stood in line at the bank to get my deposit check while Whitesnake’s “here I go again on my own” played on the radio. I love my cozy house that I am fortunate to share with my B. We have made it our own & enjoy working to make it more ‘us.’ With its gray walls, dark floors & mismatched furniture, we call it the —. It has wall art we acquire while adventuring and, as most who kno me would imagine, lots of made-by-me art. I pile artifacts from flea markets, my uncle’s barn & HomeGoods on the mantle & bookshelves. There are fresh flowers present most of the time. The fridge is generally stocked & the kitchen usually smells of something cooking. We’ve hosted holidays & meals with friends, but mostly it’s just us. Usually hiding way back in our den, snuggled under blankets, watching Netflix. Or sitting on our corner bench nook of the kitchen, eating, drinking, talking & surfing the net. Our place. Our nest. Our home.

I like how my reflection in the door came out in the photo as my thoughts are all about reflecting on the past year.


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