Scrapbooking: Getting focused

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It generally goes that when I have no free time, the page ideas and stories start circling around in my brain. Then when I have time or a day at a crop I tend to be stumped. I am combating this issue by recording stories through journaling, either in my Day One app, or jotting down notes in Evernote. Lately I’ve also been doodling and drawing pictorials of events to help remember. This is probably a little too many activities for the same purpose and could be streamlined, but it actually sorta works for me, depending on the mood.

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Type class by Ali Edwards

After taking Ali’s Type class, it stirred up a lot of ideas and got me back on track creatively. For a couple years I felt really on top of my photos/stories, but I would say I am a little bit “behind” now, even though I try to not get too consumed with that thought. I generally just scrapbook whatever I feel at the moment instead of forcing myself to “catch up”.

Most of my inspiration comes from scrolling through Instagram and lately I’ve been inspired by these other scrappers: Pam Baldwin, Julie from the youtube channel Julie Makes Things, and Geralyn from Creative Bubble.

These are the stories I am working on now:

I want to tell a story about this summer and all of the outdoor work we’ve done at the house, from the backyard patio to gardening. I’ve found hashtagging Instagram photos sort of categorizes photos/stories for me.  So it seems I’ve been using the hashtag #SundaySunday on weekends while I am busy around the house. So instead of trying to tell a bunch of different stories with those photos, I would like some sort of grid layout or memo board-like layout to share all of those photos and summarize the stories. I am picturing white space with a lot of green in photos, so maybe more natural elements.

I want to tell a story about Mother’s Day. We had such a nice day out with my parents down by the waterfront in Philly for Mother’s Day, so I want to get those photos scrapped.  It may end up a combination of a page layout and/or divided pocket pages.

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I’ve been too a few concerts this summer, plus a music festival (indicated in the doodle above^). I am deciding if I want to scrap these events individually in chronological order, or do some sort of combined layout, like Live Summer 2015, a follow-up to my Live List layout.

I want to start telling ancestry stories. I don’t know a whole lot, but there are a lot of questions I can pose as stories. I want to tell the story of my progress in researching and what I’ve actually found, as well as the story of individuals. There are a few specific people in mind I really want to focus on, mostly because I have information, namely my grandparents and great-grandparents. After that it will be more factual with charts and dates.

Besides the stories, there are techniques and style ideas I want to try. A few of these have been inspired by classes, and others from Instagram. Some ideas just pop into my brain:

  • white stitching on white cardstock
  • using stitching to make a box around journaling or lines for journaling
  • use some old rub-ons on chipboard letters
  • full page photo layouts
  • cutting up journaling cards, using pieces, layering
  • more stamping: especially alphas
  • watercolor on pages

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