July 1


It’s July 1.
The start of my favorite month.
My birthday month.
I am a summer baby through and through.

I live for the outdoors, the sun shining, the smell of summer rain, green grass, garden vegetables, picnics, grilling everything, umbrellas, pretty pitchers of sangria, going to the farmer’s market, flowers everywhere, trips to the beach, napping on the beach, swimming, the ocean, playing pool games with my family, throwing the football, playing wiffle ball, having water balloon tosses/fights, watching the hummingbirds, outdoor fires at night, roasting marshmallows, just sitting on the front steps because it’s warm until 9pm! I love it.

I’ve been reflecting a lot about how I spend my time. I think it’s only natural in this fast-paced, 24/7 world we live in.  In thinking about my time, I’ve subconsciously pulled away from social media and blogs. I do not like to read the constant news ticker. I want to listen to the breeze and the birds chirping instead. I like my little blog space to share my thoughts, record my stories for memory keeping and experience as a scrapbooker. But I don’t want it to consume me. I want to take photographs for the love of photography: light, shadows, lines and blank space. Not to get so many “likes” or “pins”.

This is the place I am at right now. And a lot of it is the season. I’m a wild child, free bird at heart, so when summer rolls around I like to just ‘take a break’ so to speak, even though I don’t actually have an official break from anything. I always regain my diligence in the fall, and become way more project oriented then.

So I’m going to flit around like a firefly and enjoy the season, stay in the moment and let my cares slip away a bit.



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