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#SundaySunday LO

Creating this layout was a way to get several photos scrapped and a general story told without taking up pages and pages of documenting.

I have been using hashtags to sort my own photos/stories, as well as keeping track of ideas in my Evernote app. This #SundaySunday tag is the most prevalent as that is when I am doing things around my house and have time to take photos. I’m generally doing something creative on Sundays, whether its in my garden, reading, crafting or cooking, there’s usually some sort of process involved.

For the layout I knew I wanted white space with photos displayed like they would be posted onto a memo board. I decided to also try to incorporate an idea I wanted to try in my last post: white stitching on white cardstock, and using stitching as journaling guidelines.

After editing the photos in PicTapGo or finding them in my Instagram feed, I printed the photos from my iPhone 6 with the Canon Easy Photo Print app.

Alpha Stamps
Alpha Stamps

The day I did this layout, I had purchased these alpha stamps at a yard sale for fifty cents! woohoo – score! I love the style, kind of a slab serif and it’s a larger size than a lot of the stamps I already own.

scrapbook layout, scrapbooking, photography, stitching, hashtag
#SundaySunday LO Zoom

I played around with different color green inks before deciding on a neon green ColorBox cat-eye ink I’ve had for quite some time. I layered a printed transparency sheet under the photos for some variation. Stitched the white lines using my Janome mini sewing machine. I only use this machine on paper.

scrapbook layout, scrapbooking, photography, instagram, stitching, hashtag
#SundaySunday LO Zoom 2

I added a few green embellishments: acrylic banner from Heidi Swapp, green leaf from Amy Tangerine, acrylic butterfly from Basic Grey from Joann’s, wood veneers. I don’t think there is a layout in recent history where I don’t use Tim Holtz tiny attacher, it is by far my favorite tool!

I like the clean, simple look. I don’t love my handwriting, but I think it’s important to get it on the page. I love the stitching and will be using this technique again.


Scrapbooking: Getting focused

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It generally goes that when I have no free time, the page ideas and stories start circling around in my brain. Then when I have time or a day at a crop I tend to be stumped. I am combating this issue by recording stories through journaling, either in my Day One app, or jotting down notes in Evernote. Lately I’ve also been doodling and drawing pictorials of events to help remember. This is probably a little too many activities for the same purpose and could be streamlined, but it actually sorta works for me, depending on the mood.

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Type class by Ali Edwards

After taking Ali’s Type class, it stirred up a lot of ideas and got me back on track creatively. For a couple years I felt really on top of my photos/stories, but I would say I am a little bit “behind” now, even though I try to not get too consumed with that thought. I generally just scrapbook whatever I feel at the moment instead of forcing myself to “catch up”.

Most of my inspiration comes from scrolling through Instagram and lately I’ve been inspired by these other scrappers: Pam Baldwin, Julie from the youtube channel Julie Makes Things, and Geralyn from Creative Bubble.

These are the stories I am working on now:

I want to tell a story about this summer and all of the outdoor work we’ve done at the house, from the backyard patio to gardening. I’ve found hashtagging Instagram photos sort of categorizes photos/stories for me.  So it seems I’ve been using the hashtag #SundaySunday on weekends while I am busy around the house. So instead of trying to tell a bunch of different stories with those photos, I would like some sort of grid layout or memo board-like layout to share all of those photos and summarize the stories. I am picturing white space with a lot of green in photos, so maybe more natural elements.

I want to tell a story about Mother’s Day. We had such a nice day out with my parents down by the waterfront in Philly for Mother’s Day, so I want to get those photos scrapped.  It may end up a combination of a page layout and/or divided pocket pages.

doodle, art journal

I’ve been too a few concerts this summer, plus a music festival (indicated in the doodle above^). I am deciding if I want to scrap these events individually in chronological order, or do some sort of combined layout, like Live Summer 2015, a follow-up to my Live List layout.

I want to start telling ancestry stories. I don’t know a whole lot, but there are a lot of questions I can pose as stories. I want to tell the story of my progress in researching and what I’ve actually found, as well as the story of individuals. There are a few specific people in mind I really want to focus on, mostly because I have information, namely my grandparents and great-grandparents. After that it will be more factual with charts and dates.

Besides the stories, there are techniques and style ideas I want to try. A few of these have been inspired by classes, and others from Instagram. Some ideas just pop into my brain:

  • white stitching on white cardstock
  • using stitching to make a box around journaling or lines for journaling
  • use some old rub-ons on chipboard letters
  • full page photo layouts
  • cutting up journaling cards, using pieces, layering
  • more stamping: especially alphas
  • watercolor on pages

In the Studio

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I haven’t had enough spare time to spend in the studio lately, but there are little indications of progress.

travelers notebook, journal, scrapbook
Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I just received these Midori travel journals for my birthday and am looking forward to using them.  These ones are blank kraft paper, but I would also like to check out grid. I’ve been inspired by what I’ve seen other scrappers doing with them, including Amy Tangerine and Kelly Purkey. There’s also some great photos on Instagram, with the hashtag #Midoritravelersnotebook.  I’ve always loved the idea of scrapping on the go, but haven’t always been successful with it. I have an upcoming short trip to visit family and check out a pretty area of the country for a few days, so hoping to put it to use starting there. I’m still deciding if it’s something I want to make a part of a larger book (like by using the actual folios) or just leave them separate. My guess is I will leave them separate and add to them as I go along, chronological recording has always worked for me and is simple to adhere to.

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Printing with Canon East-Photo Print app and Canon Pixma printer

In my quest to be more selective with what I scrap and what stories I tell, I haven’t been ordering as many prints as I used to. Plus, instead of printing a bunch of 4x6s, I find I want varied sizes for different projects. I don’t have a great system for printing at home because the laptop I’m running on now is pretty slow, so I tend to put that off. I am hoping to get a new Mac soon, but until then I find I need a quick, resourceful way to print photos. I have been drooling over the Instax printers for over a year now, but can never justify the expense with having to buy the film refills. So once I got my new Iphone 6 and was able to actually download newer apps (I was stuck on Ios 6.0 with my old Iphone 5!) I was able to set up the Canon Easy-Photo Print app with my Canon Pixma printer to print wireless. I literally had 15 minutes last week to set it up and see if I could print a few mini photos. I used the Pic Stitch app to get 4 on the page. My only complaint with the Canon Easy-Photo Print app is it’s very basic and there are few customization options.  You cannot select a print layout, so for this it was trial and error. At first I had it set to Borderless which resulted in the pictures being skewed off the photo paper, so after correcting to Border print, I was able to get the 4 square mini photos. They are small, but for a lot of what I’m doing lately it works. I was thrilled this whole process took me 15 minutes to figure out and now I can print photos out more regularly and try to stay current with my storytelling. I also have heard good things about the Photo Collage app, so I want to check that out.


I am determined to get more into my ancestry project and have been doing little things lately to prep. I’ve been visiting my tree and data I have online at ancestry.com, as well as any paper documents I have to refresh myself with what areas I need to focus on. I picked up this Karen Foster page kit a few years ago at a CKC Convention. My plan is to use it to help record some data, I don’t think it will be part of the actual project. I’m really leaning toward a digital book of some kind, and thinking the 8.5×11 style would work best. Especially now that I’ve seen these lay flat albums from Artifact Uprising. I do want some depth in some cases, so there may be traditional pages incorporated and possibly scanned in for digital copies. I don’t want to get too hung up on the style, I really just want to start digging into how I am going to go about presenting the information and telling stories. One thing I have to do is get the pictures organized that I want to use.

Right now for all of my filing for projects I use this portable file folder holder. In it I hold calendars with events, as well as memorabilia and separate those by year. I also have folders for holiday specific items and a folder for all of my ancestry documents. This is something I had on hand that I wasn’t using for paperwork anymore. I’ve been doing really well at just reusing what I have and finding things that work around the house versus purchasing new items. I am proud of that!


This is a little bit of what’s been going on in my studio. The Enjoying the Ride card is by Simple Stories and was included as a freebie in a recent scrapbook.com order. I hung it up on my chain that goes along the wall of my studio. It pretty much sums up how I feel everyday!

What is going on in your studio? What projects have you done with the Midori travelers notebooks?

Do you have an ancestry album or plan on making one? Any ideas or tips for research?

What apps do you rely on for printing photos?