To those Dads that Rock


I am so very lucky to call my Dad my own.  He is the most reliable person I know. He is the strongest person I know, not only physically, but in character. He may not agree with you, but he will help you out anyway. He works on my house, my car, he shares his gardening tips, as well as his canned veggies with me. He built me a corner bench for my kitchen and installed a paver patio. Him and I are a lot alike (in good ways and in the not-so-good ways too ;)). He’s taught me that life is about living, working hard, but also having fun. Without him, I’m not sure I would have my love for cooking and exploring outdoors. My favorite two things about him are when he sings and laughs. Even though I am not nearly as good a singer, he definitely influenced my love of music. I’m not the only one spoiled by him (though I might be the most!) he’s also just a good man, a good husband and a good Pop Pop.

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Fatherhood LO

And it’s not lost on me that because my Dad is such a strong presence in my life, I can call another incredible father my partner in life. The list of how good he is to me never ends, but getting to witness him as a father is something I adore. He loves his kids as much as any one person can love them. He is proud of them. He does his best to help them navigate this crazy world in their young adult lives, letting go just enough to let them make their own way, even though I can see he would rather bear the brunt of their struggles/heartaches. He does it all: moves furniture, attends shows & games, transports to/from train stations, manages paperwork, all while giving sound, practical advice and unwavering support. When I see him questioning if he’s doing right or doing enough, I almost have to laugh at the absurdity of that notion. I’ve never witnessed any single person do as much for their kids as he does. He’s exemplary and he deserves to know it.

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Beach Day 2012 LO

My nephew is like my brother’s mini-me.  Not only in looks, but his need for speed and adrenaline producing activities. They spend a lot of time outdoors together: riding bikes, skateboarding, hiking, swimming and playing at the beach. Getting to witness my brother’s experiences as a father, and the continuous rollercoaster that comes with being responsible for another human being is something. I know he takes his role as a father seriously and he always tries to do his best. They have this trick they do where my nephew stands up on his Dad’s shoulders while he is standing (yes, makes me nervous!) and have been doing so since he was about 2.  Now he’s much taller and about 60 pounds of muscle, he likes to say “everybody look at me!” I’m guessing this charade will come to an end soon, but metaphorically my brother will always be there supporting him, showing his boy off to the world, as he reaches for the sky.

Happy Father’s Day!


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