About Time

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Passing of time //  The passing of time doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but I still have to try (sometimes fight) to not cling to life so much and just experience it. When things get busy (like demands at work) I have to work even harder to stay present. When I don’t have small pockets of time throughout the day for life maintenance (banking, planning meals, etc) or for inspiration (writing, creating, reading), I find myself feeling like time is flying by. Being conscious and in the moment helps.

Being present //  For me, being in the present moment means that things don’t always get planned out and other things just never even happen. It isn’t always easy for this recovering Type A personality, but it has gotten immensely easier. This is the first year where I have not let scheduling get the best of me. Maybe this is due to the intentional living I practice, but I continue to stay present and enjoy the moment, or at least learn from it if it’s not enjoyable. If certain things don’t happen I tend to give it more of a “oh well” shrug than get upset. Progress by far.

Reflect //  The way I spend my time results in reflection. Even though I try to refrain from overplanning, I do take time to reflect on what is working and what is not. Reflection is my thing in a way. I tend to evaluate a given day/week, and then make mental edits of how to adjust behavior. I have found keeping notes of happenings in my art journal has helped with this reflection process. Practicing silence is a key part to the reflection process as well and a practice I’ve come to love.

Importance of time //  It is important. That idea of “time is money” is not my thing, for me time is time. Time is the most valuable player in my life. Therefore, I have to maximize the time I have. Be particular about how I spend it and who I spend it with, while being sure to maintain compassionate self-care along the way. I am reminded of this during a time of loss. When someone passes, it is a reminder that we are only in this form on earth for a designated time, and that we have little control over it.





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