Happy May

Persnickety Prints Order, scrapbook, digital layout, hyrbrid
Persnickety Prints Order

I was happy to receive the digital print order I placed on iNSD with Persnickety Prints yesterday. They are fast! I got a few 8.5×11 layouts, most were from Week in the Life (w/ Ali Edwards) last October. So I have to get those put into my album and some layouts have hybrid elements that need to be added (mostly journaling).

Cupcake Love Layout, scrapbook, font, washi,
Cupcake Love Layout

Also working through Type class, trying to stay inspired and complete some layouts. This week working with layout titles. I like to combine different fonts into one title. I wasn’t too sure how this one would go with the sans serif and script (handwritten) fonts I chose (both are by Amy Tangerine). I’m not sure I love love it, but I am sort of at a place of good enough!

Cupcake Love Layout Zoom, scrapbook, layout, washi
Cupcake Love Layout Zoom

This photo was from my birthday last summer, in which my nephew baked the cupcakes for me! He did the whole thing, from operating the electric mixer all the way through to the generous amounts of sprinkles! He’s a gem. I wanted to get the story told and not worry too much about embellishment. I am happy with it!

Type class is good, even though I am a little behind on the videos. I’m a little behind on everything it seems these days (as always). So many tasks to clean and prep the house for the upcoming season. Working on backyard renovation plans and have most of the next two months scheduled out! yikes. Summer is practically here, with 80 degree temps.



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