1985 called: It Wants Its Legos Back

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Legos LO

I snapped this photo looking down at my nephew playing with Legos last summer. It would seem ordinary, except that the Legos he’s playing with are 30+ years old and are the same Legos his Dad (my brother) & I played with as kids.

These are the kinds of stories I like to document in my memory keeping. As I’ve shared, I have a love for ancestry and history of all types. Most importantly, history of an individual or as I like to say “her-story”. Stories that don’t only emphasize our relationships with people, but with things and moments of our past too. Things that remind us of childhood, represent who we are or maybe who we were. Moments that connect us with people we may not have actually met. In this case, my nephew connecting with his Dad as a child. I like to take an instance that may feel like a loss or missed opportunity, and find a way to make a connection, to look for a positive thread that weaves a new story.

In keeping with some lessons I am learning in Ali Edward’s Type class, I chose to use a large font for the 1985 and also create contrast with black & white.

I did not have large enough alphabet letters in sticker or cardstock form, so I used the Silhouette Portrait to cut the numbers.  I would like to say that I love the Silhouette, but unfortunately, it always feels like way too much work to drag it out and get it to work well.  It usually takes several tries, cleaning out the blade and messing with the settings before I get a semi-clean cut.  Then it seems I still have to clean it up with a pair of scissors or craft knife. So I only use it occasionally and for basic cuts.

For the other letters I used some cardstock alphas that are probably 10+ years old! I had to add some adhesive to make them sticky again. I also used some basic sticker fonts from generic packs of letters. The journal strips were typed on my typewriter onto graph pattern paper.

Legos LO zoom, scrapbook. layout, contrast, type, font, typewriter, square photo,
Legos LO Zoom

I added the pop of color to coordinate with actual Lego colors and the thin washi tape* at the bottom, which adds a 80’s style vibe. The contrasting arrow paper clips from Freckled Fawn were just the right embellishment. Again, I am in the phase of getting it done, keeping it simple and not worrying too much about embellishment, focusing more on telling the story.

*I blogged about trying to find thin washi tape in the past, and love this neon Recollections tape from Michaels. I am pleasantly surprised by the good quality.


Mercury in Retrograde

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When Mercury is in retrograde I try to keep a low profile.  It is a good time to go within, reflect and make assessments. It seems I am continually evaluating my memory keeping process.  What works? What do I have time for? How do I maintain using what supplies I have? I am finding more that I am content with accepting what I can get done and being happy with that outcome. I used to get upset when I didn’t have time to scrapbook or engage in some other creative endeavor, but now I try to savor the time that I do.  Recently, I get about 1-2 hours a week to do something creative, which isn’t a lot of time. And right now, a majority of time is spent on my household projects and diy things to make my home more comfortable and just make life easier.  And I am good with that. I know I will always have photos to organize and print, and hopefully one day be able to tell its story.

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Wall display

My beau hung Some pieces for me in the entryway of my house. I like to have the ability to change things in and out, so I attached some prints I bought at Clover Market onto these boards with clips.







One of my yogi friends surprised me with this Lokai bracelet. Love the idea and message of it. It’s always good to remember there are highs & lows, and it’s all just part of the journey.


As always, Leo from Zen Habits has some great posts lately. I enjoy his quick and to the point ideas. Sometimes it seems like things that should be so obvious to us, but isn’t always.

I am really interested in some of these clothing ideas from Betabrand, especially this skirt.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I will be picnic-ing, as well as working in the backyard on the new patio.


Magic in the Air

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Magic LO zoom

I created this LO as part of Type class. The prompt was to tell a longer story and just get the story written down, without thinking about photos or layouts.
It was an opportunity to get a story recorded about my experience with the theater and Broadway.
I ended up using a recent photo of the closed-curtain stage from when I went to see Finding Neverland in NYC. I wanted a simple photo, as to put the emphasis on the words. I used a 8.5×11 template from Ali Edward’s to layout the photo and words below it. I ended up with a 8-point size font because of the length of it.
I sent it to get printed with Persnickety Prints, knowing it was going to be a hybrid layout. I thought I would use a title of Magic in the Air as a reference to the song On Broadway by the Drifters.
When I went to add some elements to the page, I decided on using the acrylic Heidi Swapp letters and I liked how it took up the entire width of the photo, so I left the title at Magic.

Magic, Broadway, Theater, Scrapbook, scrapbooking, layout
Magic LO

I like using the visual triangle for elements and added the acrylic star stickers from Freckled Fawn. I still wanted a little more, so I played with washi tape a bit.  I thought about lining the edges or the bottom, but it wasn’t coming together that way.

I realized I had a few phrases that were spaced by themselves for emphasis in the story, but since the font was small I decided I could emphasize them more by adding an underline.  So I cut thinner strips of glitter washi tape (from Freckled Fawn) to add to the body text.

Simple and meaningful to me.