Just be creative: Watercolor

Watercolor Practice
Watercolor Practice

In an effort to just be more creative and let my creativity roam freely I’ve started dabbling in other mediums. There has been a lot of watercolor in design lately (fashion, stationary, textiles) and I enjoy the look. I think what’s attractive about watercoloring is I only need 15 minutes to make something. It’s a quick, creative outlet. In an effort to practice more, I’m sharing my watercolor pages here. And to make it even more of a creative outlet, I’m using the space I watercolor on to share my confessions, random thoughts and feelings as I travel authentically on my journey and aim to be more present.

Watercolor Practice, i am a introvert, scrapbook,
Watercolor Practice

As a yogi, I am constantly studying, keeping an openness and willingness to learn about oneself and to be present for each moment, letting go of ego and expectation. It is hard. It’s hard to be open and honest with oneself. It’s hard to turn off the inner critic and just be accepting of where I am at right now. But the more I discover, for me, it is an absolute must that I practice life in this way. When I let myself get caught up in the rat race of trying to do everything, and buy everything, and be everything to everyone, I lose sight of what is really important, and I get an overall icky feeling. This in turn manifests itself sometimes as illness, lethargy or (admittedly) crabbiness, and I do not like that feeling at all. When I breath, when I meditate, when I read, when I journal, when I create, and when I take time to step back and be present, I feel so fulfilled and at peace. The cornerstone of this is also gratitude. Being grateful, being conscious, being content. These things help me to achieve my present being and not get overwhelmed by the external forces.

So marrying the two concepts of just being more creative via watercoloring, as well as using watercolor to reflect on how I’m feeling makes sense for me.  Enjoy.


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