A Simple Layout

layout, scrapbook, lyrics, 8.5x11
Shotgun Rider LO 2015

This is a simple 8.5×11 layout using song lyrics.  Music and lyrics tend to carry me through my life.  Songs have that way of conjuring up memories and feelings.  They take us back.  They remind us of a certain person or place.  They are stepping-stones as we go on our path.

Like Eric Church sings in the song Springsteen, “Funny how a melody sounds like a memory,” I identify lyrics with moments in my life.

I am a fan of many music genres, but really love country, mostly because I enjoy a good ballad.  Ballads are the musical version of stories.  When I heard Tim McGraw’s latest song Shotgun Rider I immediately identified with the subject.

My beau and I spend a lot of time driving.  When we started dating we lived a good distance away, so we spent a lot of time driving back and forth, or meeting in the middle and just driving around.  We enjoy those windows-rolled-down, breezy drives to the beach.  We drive into the city to check out various hole-in-the-wall eateries.  So I end up with a lot of shotgun selfies.

The photo I used is actually from the summer of 2013, and was sitting in a pile waiting for the right story.  I chose to keep the layout simple, with mostly white space and just some gold ink for accent.  I printed the lyrics first, then decided to hand write the title and journaling.  The stamps are from Kelly Purkey’s Rad Stamp Set.  I thought about adding some washi to the bottom, but left it as is.

I have been leaning more towards 8.5×11 layouts on white cardstock.  I enjoy the simplicity and clean look.

Do you use song lyrics in your layouts?  Do you find a song will almost evoke an idea for a scrapbook layout?


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