Why the Paper Goddess?

thePaperGoddess.com, WRMK albums

The Paper Goddess started for me as a reference to the plethora of paper I have collected over the past (almost) 15 years while scrapbooking and paper crafting.

When a family member overheard my Skype name, they snickered about the reference and so it stuck!

In no way am I referring to myself as a Goddess, in the sense to be revered or as some sort of deity.

But I do use it tongue-in-cheek as a confidence boost.  A reminder to be gentle to myself and be who I am (a work-in-progress).  And love who I am.  To believe in myself and to be strong.

I see too many women struggling.  Competing.  Being stretched too thin doing for others while not taking care of themselves.  I truly believe you are no good to anyone else, until you take care of yourself first.

So I am the Paper Goddess.  For those reasons^^^ & the fact that I have a boatload of actual paper!

What are you the goddess of?  Are you a Paper Goddess too?


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